Mr. Big Dick Aaron Armada from LucioSaints

Aaron_Armada-luciosaints-big-dick LucioSaint’s site regularly delivers that hunky Mediterranean type of guys we love. But even with his high standards, his latest Spanish hunk Aaron Armada stands out from the crowd. He’s not only super handsome, he has also one of the biggest dicks, we’ve ever seen! Seeing this dick on camera is just.. no words can describe it. Aaron needs both hands to hold it properly! Let’s pray, he’ll return for some more! If you are fan of big dicks, be sure to see our Hung category and definitely don’t miss his hot solo video! aaron-armada-big-dick-hung-luciosaints
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Adam Ramzi More Than Just A Porn Star

adam-ramzi-xxx-ragingstallion Adam Ramzi is what characterizes porn studio RagingStallion. He’s manly, hairy, with thick beard, muscle body, big cock and on top of that, he has that raging lust for sex. Adam is not only a popular porn star, but also a successful model and he can sing. Adam is mostly shooting scenes for RagingStallion and their sister studio Falcon. adam-ramzi-box-cock-fight
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Malachi Marx Returns To RandyBlue

malachi-marx-xxx-randyblue Malachi Marx used to be amongst the most popular guys at RandyBlue for his hot looks, good performances and big dick… but also, one of the most hated, especially for his hateful opinions on porn with his frequent on & offs. Last time he was leaving porn, he was very vocal that he will never return back…
Five years gone and shockingly, he’s back! Once again. But not for nothing, it’s the first time we can see him bareback. Despite his claims that he is purely gay-for-pay, it is as if this box had been closed on him for five years and now that he opened it, all of his pent up passions flew out. His latest scene with Randy Dixon is just perfect and Malachi gives a performance of his life! malachi-marx_randy-dixon-rb
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Big Dicked Stud Colby From ChaosMen

chaosmen_colby_solo_hung_big-dick ChaosMen‘s Colby is 25 year old tall straight hunk, who has already been doing some cam work, so he is very comfortable in front of the camera. Nothing special yet. But what you would notice at the very first sight is that dick between his legs! Colby is packing some major meat! It is somewhere around 9 to 9.5 inches, it hangs super long, both hard and soft.

Every guy would dream of having a dick like that, but believe it or not, it has also a downside. He is one of those guys that finds a huge cock more of a curse. He tends to have to fuck girls really slow, and has only had anal sex once. No girl has ever deep-throated him. But there comes ChaosMen who wants to prove Colby what the gay guys can do. Thankfully, Colby is eager to do more video work, and become famous for his big cock.

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Hot Soldier Quentin from ActiveDuty

activeduty-quentin-solo For years, ActiveDuty has been a place, where you could find the hottest marines. It was an unique niche, where former and even active mostly straight soldiers performed for money. In recent years, the site has been almost abandoned, but about a month ago, the site was revived with news scenes and the old good ActiveDuty is back! And their latest recruit Quentin is exactly that reason why we loved this site!
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