Riley Reynolds Is A Deadpool With A Really Big Dick

paragonmen-riley-reynolds-john-riley-deadpool-gay-nude-penis If Riley Reynolds (a.k.a John Riley) from ParagonMen would be a super-hero, his superpower would be paralysis. An ability to leave you completely disarmed with his looks and his ultimate weapon – really big and perfectly straight dick.

Ever dreamt of seeing Ryan Reynolds wanking on camera? Riley may be a suitable patch.

deadpool riley ryan reynolds nude naked full frontal penis Deadpool is everywhere these days. Studio bet on an original marketing and attracted millions of viewers into cinemas. Despite it’s risky R rating, lot of violence and some nudity, what we really missed was Ryan Reynolds dick. Yeah sure it could be seen for a little while, but he certainly deserves more onscreen time. They should hire ParagonMen‘s hottie Riley Reynolds as Ryan’s double and no prosthetics would be needed.
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Handsome Gentleman Trenton Ducati & His Vintage Porsche

trenton-ducati-model-exterface-cruising Porn star Trenton Ducati is handsome and very photogenic, so it’s not a surprise that he is attracting the attention of various mainstream photographers.
One of them is Exterface who combined a strong vintage sport car Porsche 911 Classic with a masculine gentleman and the result is simply irresistible.

Trenton and Classic Porsche? Who could resist to this gentleman?!

trenton-ducati-porsche-911-classic Trenton has a very lenghty list of XXX studios he has worked with. Naming just a few of them, HighPerformenceMen, HotHouse, TitanMen, LucasEntertainment, his best scenes could be found at RagingStallion , while his latest scenes at
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SeanCody’s Leon Is Back As Leon Lewis

bromo-leon-lewis-model-seancody 2016 will be the year of comebacks. Many porn models who left the business are announcing their returns. The latest one is a hot muscular jock Leon who made his debut back in 2012 at SeanCody and did just one solo and one xxx scene. Now he’s back at newest all-bareback site BROMO. seancody-leon-lewis-bromo Leon hasn’t changed a lot since his debut in 2012 at SeanCody. He’s still that same impressively muscular hot jock with a boyish charm in his face. Not even a single tattoo added :) rod-peterson-leon-lewis-bromo Even the largest gay porn studio is jumping on the bareback bandwagon with their new site BROMO. Leon is one of their exclusive models.
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NextDoor Damien Michaels Is Doing Live Webcam Shows

DamienMichaels-bigdame90-nextdoor Damien Michaels is a really handsome guy who loves sex and to be watched, so he naturally got interested into the pornography business. It’s never been easier to start then in these days, all you need is an internet and a camera. So he started doing online webcam shows at Chaturbate and that’s where producers of Nextdoor discovered him.

Porn in 90’s was all-about VHS&DVD,
in 00’s the business transitioned online,
10’s are the age of live webcam shows.

chaturbate-bigdame90-webcam-model Porn in 90’s was a golden age of professionally produced high-budget films distributed through VHS and DVD. In 00’s the business transitioned to more amateurish productions releasing individual scenes. 10’s are all about webcam shows, where anybody with an internet connection can do live shows and the viewer is a director. 20’s will be about Virtual Reality.
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[Webcam] Hung Jock Has Problem Fitting His Big Dick Into A Fleshjack

hungwebcamjock This incredibly hung muscle hunk will teach you how to properly use the Fleshjack. His dick is so huge that he has trouble fitting his penis inside. But he has a solution for all the big-dicked dudes out there, push it even harder.
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NextDoor Goes Bareback With Derrick Dime

Derrick-Dime-nextdoorraw Derrick Dime is a gear head who comes from San Antonio, Texas. When he’s not working on his shredded physique, you can find Derrick in the garage, wrenching on muscle cars, or out at the track, racing one of his creations. He has an amazing body and is packing a huge and perfectly straight tool that would make you drool. With his new stubble, Derrick never looked better!

Derrick is not just growing into beauty, he’s also growing as a performer.

nextdoorraw-rod_peterson-derrick_dime-bridger_watts-markie_more So NextDoor Studios are following the trends and created their first all-bareback site with some of their most popular models. In this video, Derrick gets down on all fours and teaches new recruits how a proper fucking looks like.
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