Sexy Model Casey Everett

gay porn star casey everett
Casey Everett is 27 year old gay porn star from Indianapolis, IN. He’s 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm) tall, athletic and hot that all-american good looks. He has infectious smile and more importantly, a ravenous appetite for cock. This sexy leo, with a past in the military and a promising career in porn, is the epitome of the power bottom. Watch yourself at CockyBoys or LucasKazan.

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Cute Jock Josh From SeanCody

Cute muscle Jock Josh From SeanCody
Dark and handsome Josh from SeanCody is a 25-year-old retired baker who currently works in a gym. He’s chiseled, handsome and cute. But don’t let that pretty face fool you! Josh had a less than pleasing experience bottoming with a 9-inch top and that led him to becoming more of a top himself. “I’ll only bottom with a smaller penis” says Josh. “I’m a dom top and I’d say my sex is more animalistic. I like to be very forceful with my bottom and there’s a lot of dirty talk.” We can’t wait to see him in action!

“I’m a dom top and I’d say my sex is more animalistic.”

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