From TV News Anchor To Gay Porn Star Dallas Steele

dallas-steele-titanmen For more than two decades Jim Walker was a clean-cut anchor who read the news on Fox, NBC and CBS. He was nominated for two regional Emmys and became known for his calm and authoritative delivery of the news.
He ultimately decided to get out of the business after 23 years when his boss relayed focus group research indicating viewers in south Florida just didn’t like him. So he went to the place, where people will love his perfect physique and hansome looks – TitanMen – reinventing himself as Dallas Steele.

“I’m sorry if the haters have decided that gays over forty are supposed to put on the board shorts, move to the suburbs and settle down to bridge parties once per week”

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SeanCody Kenneth Sports A Manbun

seancody-kenneth SeanCody Kenneth is a tall, sexy man with a nice chest and a great body. He used to play baseball for about 15 years, and seeing him handle those balls and that bat, and working those big arms was a treat in and of itself! He loves people watching him, so SeanCody might be a right place for him!

“I like jerking off, might as well be on camera! I like people watching, so why not?”

seancody-kenneth-dan-bilzerian-gay Don’t you see there a little resemblance with Dan Bilzerian?
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Detattoing of… Quentin Gainz

quentin_gainz-nextdoor-modelFormer ActiveDuty cadet Quentin Gainz is NextDoorRAW‘s biggest treasure right now. He’s young, polite, has beautiful athletic body and gorgeous boyish face with freckles. But as he’s getting older, he’s covering all that beauty with more and more tattoos. And to be honest, some of them are really hideous. So how would he look like without all these tattoos? Let’s find out!

So, let the magic happen!


Do not blink!


Well, at least all his tattoos are spelt right.


How do you prefer Quentin?

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Quentin Gainz Could Be Perfect If…

quentin-gainz-nextdoorraw-model NextDoorRAW & ActiveDuty exclusive model Quentin Gainz could be a definition of a perfection. We only wish that he didn’t have all those tattoos, but he’s really hot nevertheless. If we could only see him once without all that ink… Nonevertheless he’s got a great body and an ass that is just made for a nice dick.

If we could only see him once without all that ink…

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TOP 10 Hottest Guys Of Maskurbate 2006-2016

maskurbate-10-years-anniversary This october it’s been 10 years since the debut of Maskurbate website, which brought a unique concept to the world.
There are many extremely hot guys out there who are willing to show the world their hotness, but they are afraid that their friends or family will find out. Maskurbate allowed their models to use a mask. That convinced many really hot guys to put away their underwear. And once the fear was gone after a couple of scenes, they were ready to unmask themselves.

“When I set out to create Maskurbate I knew I wanted it to be more than just another fetish site because this doesn’t appeal to me at all. The challenge was to create one without promoting the mask itself. Maskurbate proved to me that porn can be done differently, with class and a little twist. Of course it helps that my models have all been sculpted by Michelangelo!” said Pascal, founder of Maskurbate.

Here is the list of TOP 10 guys who has appeared on the site in recent 10 years.

The Latest Images Of The Icon Francois Sagat By Exterface

francois_sagat-exterface Francois Sagat is without any doubt the most popular gay porn star of all times. With a trademark tattooed scalp and Adonis physique, François has sculpted his name into the hall of fame. But he left the scene almost 6 years ago.
So how is he doing these days? He is 37 now and hasn’t changed a bit. He’s running his own underwear brand KI*K SAGAT and is fully occupied by promoting it.

With a trademark tattooed scalp and Adonis physique, François has sculpted his name into the hall of fame.

frncs Francois’ filmography has been pretty wide. His most recent scenes could be find at TitanMen, but he was also very active at RagingStallion or FalconStudios.