Tom by Matson Jones for DylanRosser

tom-by-matson-jones_dylan-rosser_themaleform Believe it or not, Dylan Rosser‘s latest hunk Tom is 41 years old! He literally proves that age is just a number. Tom comes from Cologne, Germany and while he’s not a professional model, he’s got the right look and a good deal of experience and passion. You can see him naked at TheMaleForm.
> See Tom full frontal at The Male Form Exclusive Jarec Wentworth Under Arrest

jarec-wentworth-men-jail One of the most popular exclusives is currently under arrest. Teofil Brank, better known by his stage name Jarec Wentworth, was arrested last month by the FBI in Los Angeles.
It’s hard to believe that this sexy guy is accused of blackmailing a wealthy California man out of $500,000 by threatening to reveal details of his personal life. If convicted, Jarec faces up to 15 years in prison.
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