[Male Models] Benjamin Godfre

Benjamin Godfre nude naked penis by Jon Seneca

Popular male model Benjamin Godfre made headlines at all gay blogs in past few weeks. Reason? Video of him jerking-off appeared at popular amateur video site… and completely restarted his career (in a good way)! Photography by Jon Seneca.

25 thoughts on “[Male Models] Benjamin Godfre

  1. I wish he would expose that dick all the way and not be so shy about it. The one shot showing his entire dick in the set has him in deep shadow.

  2. What makes him even more hot is that he is straight but LOVES his gay audience. There are decidedly few straight actors or models who openly have dialog with their gay fans and fewer who would go nude specifically for their gay following.

  3. ben looks a bit shy, but he isn’t though; he loves to show his delicious body and with reason, this beautiful guy is so desirable!

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