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Gianluigi Volti MuscleHunks

MuscleHunks scores big with Gianluigi Volti, a handsome, sunbaked 27-year old Italian muscleman with an unbelievably extra-long tool. From now, Gianluigi can be a proud member of our Hung category! :)

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20 thoughts on “Gianluigi Volti

  1. guys, in fairness, when a man gets hard, his balls will shrink because the skin is tighten in the balls area due to penis erection. if he’s soft, and you don’t see his balls, then maybe it’s ok to speculate

  2. Très beau mec belle queue mais pourquoi systématiquement rasée c’est plus sexy avec du poil autour à brouter .

  3. Whoa, dudes! We have sum catty queens on here! Look, this guy is way hott! If ur n 2 muscle dudes, then a big cock is the icing on the cake! He’s also handsome! His nuts r tight cuz he’s horned up, I bet he shoots a good load! Woof! 10 out of 10!

  4. @Carlos Good catch. I didn’t recognize him from his three solos for MAP until I made the connection with the name he used for that studio: Gianluigi (duh me).
    @parisien If you prefer him naturally hairy (which he is), then do yourself a favor and search out his earlier performances: his ‘before-the-razor’ look is a hirsutist’s wet dream.
    @SG Gotta agree with the ‘catty queens’ remark. C’mon people, this man is a gift: I would rather have him with all of his so-called flaws than never have laid eyes on him at all. And yes, his loads are mighty nice, indeed.

  5. He’s gorgeous. A beautiful body, more on the athletic side than the over-bloated steroid abuser. I can overlook the tats…they don’t ruin those hot muscles. A real stroker, this one.

  6. Hey Guys!

    Thenks for all you a comment I a really appreciate. Ok like or not a like a me but I take no steroid becuse I work out in Gym all days and none of my a photo is photoshop. I am very frend guy so plese not make judgement over a me wen you hava never meet a me before.

    Kind regard


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