15 thoughts on “James Wells as Totus in Spartacus

  1. Of course the cock is natural. He’s got a handsome uncut cock and isn’t afraid to show it off. Why should he? He’s intact and well endowed.

  2. I don t think is real, not because the size. I don think is that big.
    The scrotum is pointing fordwar in a 30 degrees angle. The scrotum should fall with no projection at all. The pubic hair looks the same as the fake hair they put it on his face

  3. Totally fake. A dick that big would swing side to side as he walks, not point straight ahead, and his balls would hang down and bounce.

  4. Sorry to disappoint all of the size queens, but this is fake. It’s been established they use prosthetic’s. Granted, I bet his ass is killer and in need of a good licking!

  5. Anytime you see that huge bush is a good indication it’s a prosthetic. Add in the dick bouncing the wrong way and the balls not moving and it adds up to a definite fake.

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