Corbin Fisher’s Dalton

corbin fisher Dalton - Taj - Hagan

It’s some time since we last heard of unbelievably hung Dalton (previously known as Taj / Hagan), but his Corbin Fisher‘s scenes are still replayed a lot in our players. We have to admit, that while his performances were a bit disappointing, there has simply not been many hotter looking dudes in gay porn history.

> More of Daton at Corbin Fisher

8 thoughts on “Corbin Fisher’s Dalton

  1. It’s sad he o ly has his body to work with, becaise his facial expression is totally cold, unchanged. Not even the only smile looks credible.

  2. Wouldn’t piss on Corbin Fisher if he were on fire. He outs people with his frivolous lawsuits against downloaders, etc. If his site were worth watching the porn from a torrent, etc. I could see it to some degree, but all the guys look the same, like this guy, and the site is just boring. Died in my book years ago.

  3. This guy’s just another closet homo who will fuck dudes in the ass and all that, but deny he’s gay for the rest of his sad life. Too bad for him.

  4. If he is gay he has to be one of the most disappointing lays you will EVER have. He is easily one of the all time worst performers in gay porn history and that’s say plenty because there are some seriously horrendous performers out there. He is just completely awful. He’s the Pearl Harbor of porn stars. Total disaster.

  5. I have always enjoyed seen this dude. The pleasure and challenge of sucking that love muscle dry would be just awesome. I want him to slide that cock down my throat and make me swallow it “all”
    I wish he offered service’s I would fly from Joburg just to have the pleasure and honor

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