Models Exposed: Alex Minsky

male model alex minsky nude exposed
Who would guess the first celebrity addition to our Selfies category, would be incredibly popular model Alex Minsky. Alex is a former marine who lost his right leg in Afghanistan after his truck ran over an explosive.

18 thoughts on “Models Exposed: Alex Minsky

  1. Doesn’t matter what he did or when or where – he’s just a guy, like all the rest…

    My question is: Why would anyone want to go to bed, have sex with, etc. this human billboard? Looks like total shit. Just a train-wreck of crap ink all over his body. His choice and fine for him, I begrudge him nothing, it’s his body. But if I have a chance to say hot or not hot, I choose not hot, at all. And yes, I would absolutely tell him to his face.

      • Xavier – why did you bother to attack JD’s post? He has a right to say what he wants whether you like it or not. Seems the poisonous posting is being done by you, and I bet you don’t have half a ball to say what you typed in reply to him in person, if the opportunity were to arise.

        As for Minsky, nothing attractive about him. And why? Because he’s a self-promoting publicity whore, using low-esteem homosexuals such as yourself, who can’t get a man in real life, to pay his bills. Nothing attractive about that at all. Sad for you too.

        Here’s my conclusion – Xavier, wake up and smell reality my brother, because nobody cares what people like you have to say.

        Hugs and kisses and have a nice day! LOL

  2. I really like that first pic — like I’m on my knees looking up at his nice chest and handsome bearded face. And trust me!! I would never laugh….;-).

  3. Cute man and all to all the haters – learn how to spell and use grammar as you ALL come across as seriously ignorant and doltish.
    I wonder how many of you retarded haters have heard of “Spellcheck” ? Judging by all your hateful comments you`re too stupid to even use spellcheck.
    Stick to playing with yourselves…..

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