Jordan Levine Pushed His Limits At BROMO

Jordan Levine bromo
Jordan Levine became a porn superstar the moment his very first scene debuted. Right now he has around 13 bareback scenes at BROMO
and another 11 scenes at
And while we are still waiting for his bottoming debut, he proved once again that he’s able to push his limits as his very fist fisting scene just premiered.

Warning! Jordan’s latest scene might be too hardcore for you!

> See Jordan in action at BROMO

2 thoughts on “Jordan Levine Pushed His Limits At BROMO

  1. Are you serious? Him fisting another guy is “pushing his limits”? It’s the other guy who is pushed his own limits by being fisted! It doesn’t take that much to insert a fist into another guy’s anus, it’s the guy who’s receiving who has to go through all of the preparation and mental fortitude to go through with it. Really! Give credit where it’s do, not to the guy who doesn’t actually have to do anything than use a hand!

    Also, he bottomed for Randy Blue, so we’re just waiting for him to stop being a Diego Sans and bottom again…

    • Hello FieldMedic,

      you are right, we’ve not been very accurate in that description. Also, we’re so huge fans of Jordan, yet we’ve completely forget that he already bottomed?! TGIF :)

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