A Dozen GIFs Of… Austin Wolf Takes A Shower

Since his debut back in 2012, Austin Wolf
became one of the biggest names in gay porn. No wonder why. He’s handsome, muscular and very tall – often paired with smaller costars which makes his height even more impressive. His latest HotHouse scene starts with Austin resting in hot sauna and taking a shower – all being wolfe™ hot. And even a simple shower can be fcking hot in Austin’s case, see it yourself in these hot gifs after the jump.

We might know Austin exclusively as a top, but what’s his opinion about bottoming?

Austin is a really tall man. He’s towering at 6’4″ (190 cm) and packs 245lbs (112 kg) of muscle.

Austin was born in Texas.

Austin made his porn debut in 2012 and immediately gained huge following.

Wolf’s view on topping may come as a surprise to his fans who regard him as the ultimate top. He has yet to do a bottoming scene on film. But that’s not to say that bottoming is out of the question.

“I think a good top has to know what it feels like to be a bottom. It allows him to know what works and what doesn’t.

“I almost always prefer being the top. But when I bottom, I prefer a gigantic penis. For me, the bigger it is, the better.”

Oh, you know how it’ll end up…

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