A Dozen GIFs Of… Jean Franko In The Pool

With his ripped body, brooding dark looks and penchant for wearing a suit while banging some ass, it would be hard for gay porn star Jean Franko to get more perfect. In his long career he’s been featured in many
MEN.com or KristenBjorn scenes.
In his latest scene Jean Franko MenAtPlay plays alone in a pool with his dick before being discovered by the security and… See a dozen GIFs of Jean after the jump.

Jean Franko was born 10 December 1978 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Aside from his career of a gay porn star, Jean Franko works as a DJ.

“I like a masculine and muscle man with tight underwear or lingerie…Tight jeans and lycra.”

Jean might be 39-years-old, but he has never looked better.

You know how this’ll end up…

> See the full video at MenAtPlay

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