Slovak Bodybuilder Leo Lombar Does WilliamHiggins

Slovak Bodybuilder Leo Lombar Does WilliamHiggins nude
Wow, just wow. We are accustomed for the high level of models WilliamHiggins have been pushing out lately, but their latest one Leo Lombar really leaves us speechless. His body looks like he came straight out of the bodybuilding competition and the best of all, he doesn’t shave his chest like most of bodybuilders. His face is masculine and handsome supported by beautiful green eyes. Leo is 24, originally from Slovakia but currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

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3 thoughts on “Slovak Bodybuilder Leo Lombar Does WilliamHiggins

  1. Very happy to see his first genuine guy-on-guy scene is with Tomas Salek! Wasn’t sure if he would go that far, but he did! Wow!!

  2. I wonder what is his real name, would love to follow him on instagram, I love how well built he is, big but very harmonic muscles, just looking at him turns me on, a really rare piece on the gay adult movies scene, props to wh.

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