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Extremely Handsome Rookie Mathias Got A Very Special Tattoo

ActiveDuty got another great find. Their latest rookie Mathias is 26 years old hunk with a big dick and absolutely impressive physique. His muscles are so great defined, that each of his muscles can be individually studied. We can’t wait to see more!

Mathias has a very special tattoo visible only for those who…

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Crazy Cadet Dane Stewart From ActiveDuty

Meet the newest hunk on the ActiveDuty squad, Dane Stewart! This recruit is such a dreamboat, you’ll be mesmerized by his handsome face from the start. Dane is hot, horny, handsome, and hung! Something tells us that Dane would do just about anything if there was a dare involved. Kind of a wild guy who keeps everyone around him on their toes.

Dane just erupts with a massive load, hitting himself directly in the face!

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Kevin Daniels – The Hottest Active Duty Cadet Ever?

When we already started evaluating this years hottest newcomers, ActiveDuty completely smashed our listings with their latest cadet. Kevin Daniels is one of the hottest guys we’ve ever seen on their site. He’s got everything. Handsome face, absolutely stunning ripped body, hot tattoos, bubble-butt and beautiful big dick. A marine of our dreams.

First, we though the hot 6-man orgy is our Christmas gift from Active Duty. But no, it is their latest cadet Kevin.

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, we can certainly all cum together to enjoy Quentin Gainz, Princeton Price, Craig Cameron, Ryan Jordan, Zack Matthews, and Ripley. These AD favorites are absolutely incredible together here, laughing, goofing off, and keeping each other warm. This will definitely be the hottest Holiday party you attend this year!From the start, these boys are doing a lot of joking and goofing around; what else can you expect from these goofballs??
> Watch the video of Kevin at ActiveDuty

ActiveDuty Hot Cadet Zach

activeduty-zach Meet Zach, a Marine who doesn’t shy from a challenge and is always seeking to push his boundaries in the name of adventure. And that’s what’s brought him here to ActiveDuty. Once the cameraman gives him the green light, Zach is eager to peel off his shirt and show us his incredible chest, stomach, and arms. Wow, Zach really is a hottie!

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ActiveDuty’s Ripped Cadet Trey

ActiveDuty‘s latest 25-year-old cadet might be lean, but he’s muscled and really ripped. You won’t be surprised that Trey is a personal trainer and practically lives in the gym. And wait till you see him in action! Trey surely isn’t afraid to let his wild side come out.

Trey isn’t afraid to let his wild side come out.

active_duty-trey-gay-soldier This guy is full of surprises, he has a tattoo on his dick and wants you to see it. It might be seen in the trailer at ActiveDuty.
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Hot Marine Brad From ActiveDuty

active-duty-brad-solo-xxx At 5’10’ (178cm), 200 pounds (91kg), Brad is thick with muscle, all over his luscious body. He’s a brand new recruit at recently revived ActiveDuty and is clearly nervous for his first time getting naked on camera. But it’s actually pretty fun watching him playing with his thick cock. ActiveDuty has already released Brad‘s xxx scene, where they partnered him with Markie More. These 2 guy perfectly fit together, Brad is huge and muscular, Markie is ripped to the bone. And Brad looks much better without his goatee! active-duty-markie-more-brad
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