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[Celebrities] Milan Christopher Of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Milan Christopher has never been shy. The rapper came to prominence on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, where he broke ground in the second season as the series’s first openly gay reality star, navigating a relationship with then-boyfriend Miles Brock. He continued to pursue his music career, releasing album The Alpha, and has also appeared in videos for Kanye West and the Game.
Christopher worked with photographer Matthias Vriens for Papermag to show a side of himself that fans might not have seen -a very- NSFW one. And damn, he certainly doesn’t have any reason to be shy!

Adam Coussins Photographed By Jack Dakota

Adam Coussins was always a stunning young jock, but he’s getting even hotter with every new photoshoot. Adam is now 29 and lives in Derby, England, United Kingdom.

Adam turns every shoot into art.

Adam has modeled and performed for a number of different websites (under a few different names). If photos aren’t enough for you, be sure to check him in his older videos at EnglishLads or MenAtPlay or see our category.

The Supermodel In Jay Roberts

Over the last 10 years this handsome Slovakian hunk Jay Roberts grown into one of the most popular European porn performers. At 1.87 m and 85 kg Jay stimulated us with his piercing blue eyes, sculptured body and his irresistible sex appeal. His photogenic look attracted also many mainstream photographers making him one of the few ‘supermodels’ among the pornstars.
Jay will soon hit 40 but he never looked better! He’s abandoned his Jay Roberts persona and signed with world renowned modelling agency. In this photoshoot he’s being photographed by Daniel Jaems.

Jay simply doesn’t age – he just looks better and better every year.

Jay has been frequently shooting for MenAtPlay, LucasEntertainment and his latest scenes were released few weeks ago at
> See Jay in action at

The Hottest Photographer Ever – Julian Osborne

Have you ever felt in love with a guy just by seeing his pictures? Well, this has happened to us when we saw this incredibly handsome hunk Julian Osborne. He lives in a small town Ipswick 60 miles east of London. He’s been a successful photographer for many years until his friend photographer Graham Martin from MenArt recognised his potential and put him in front of his camera.

Ripped Newcomer Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox is a professional dancer and occasional model (photographed by Chris Teel ) coming from Canada. Skyy was well aware of his good looks, so why not to share his hotness with the world.
And it looks like he’s quite a talent as his latest scene at with new hung daddy Manuel Skye is absolutely stunning.

“The best scene in months!”

> See Skyy in action at

9,5 Inches Of SeanCody Model Ethan Elliott

Ethan Elliott was born and raised in Washington state in a small country town neaw Portland, Oregon. Aside his good looks and monstrous 9.5 inches between his legs, Ethan used to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. And one of the most popular models at SeanCody between 2010 to 2012. Guess why…

“My dick is a solid 9.5 inches.”

And this is how we used to know him back in the SeanCody days.
> See Ethan in action at SeanCody