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Ibiza’s Finest Export Dani Robles

Dani Robles is statuesque with dark features, muscular and hairy like a sexy man beast! He’s the epitome of every classic fantasy, tall dark and handsome. He’s 32 and comes from Malaga, Ibiza.
We discovered him through MenAtPlay but he he got a huge popularity boost just recently after switching to bareback porn at KristenBjorn, Fuckermate or LucasEntertainment.

Dani got his biggest popularity boost after his scene with veteran Diego Lauzen.

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The Hottest Photographer Ever – Julian Osborne

Have you ever felt in love with a guy just by seeing his pictures? Well, this has happened to us when we saw this incredibly handsome hunk Julian Osborne. He lives in a small town Ipswick 60 miles east of London. He’s been a successful photographer for many years until his friend photographer Graham Martin from MenArt recognised his potential and put him in front of his camera.

Beard or No Beard? With Scott ‘Caspar’ Ambrose

When we called ChaosMen‘s latest bearded 6’5″ beast Caspar a newcomer few days ago, we had a feeling we might’ve seen him somewhere before. But what a shock came when one of our readers pointed that it’s a former ActiveDuty Scott Ambrose. The full beard changed him beyond recognition.

Can you believe it’s the same guy?

No wonder they do call beards a man’s makeup.

How do you prefer Caspar?

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> See him shaven at ActiveDuty or bearded at ChaosMen

Bearded Hairy Beast Caspar From ChaosMen

ChaosMen‘s Caspar won’t scare you off. He might be a giant hairy beast, but he’s a very nice and open-minded guy! Caspar is straight, but has no problems dipping into the male arena. He likes dominant females, and sounds like it can get pretty intense with the BDSM. Women have pegged him many times, so he’s ready to put a huge show.

With his full beard, a very tall 6’5″ and a VERY deep voice, he’s the prototype of a modern lumberjack.

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Hot New Young Bearded Stud Kipp From SeanCody

They say, beards are a makeup for men. SeanCody‘s latest stud Kipp doesn’t need any. He’s a very good looking guy who’s lucky enough to grow a thick beard at such a young age. Kipp is the kind of guy who is pretty relaxed, and just goes with the flow of life… That’s basically how he got into SeanCody. “I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see! This might be fun!’”

Some men have to wait ’till their thirties to grow a beard. Not Kipp.

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The Ultimate Hunk Bulrog Ludovic From LucasEntertainment

Bulrog Ludovic also known as Ludovic Grauser is a Paris-based engineer by day, by night he embraces his adventurous side by performing in LucasEntertainment productions. He’s addicted to sex, so porn is a perfect stage for him.

See the images in 6K resolution.

Bulrog used to be a singer, but realised that with this look it might be a wasted potential.

> See Bulrog in action at LucasEntertainment

The Ultimate Symmetry of Jonah Fontana

There is nothing more individual to human beings then the definition of beauty. Yet, some people are considered beautiful by the majority and some aren’t. So there must be any mathematical expression behind it. Scientist regards symmetry as the key definition behind the human beauty.
When you look at RagingStallion ‘s sexy hunk Jonah Fontana, the symmetry in his face is simply astonishing. From the mathematician’s point of view Jonah must be that unique type of universal beauty whom you would consider beautiful even if he’s not directly your type.

The symmetry in Jonah’s face is astonishing.

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