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Kris Evans Photographed By Rick Day

Back in 2003 Kris Evans has made his debut at BelAmi BelAmi as an 18-year-old lean twink. In those 14 years Kris has grew into one of the biggest stars of BelAmi. Both in size and popularity. He’s now 32, still working with BelAmi and also competing as a bodybuilder.

BelAmi dedicated the whole month of March to their biggest star Kris Evans.

“We kick off our “Loving Kris’ special with an Art Collection’ set of photos taken for us by Rick Day. We have a special 3 part photo session with Kris and Zac starting on March 3 and continuing on the 17th and 31st and a threeway with Vadim and Jack on the 10th and 11th.”
> See Kris in action at BelAmi

Meet The New Generation Of BelAmi – Zac DeHaan

zac_de_haan-belami In almost 25 years BelAmi studio became a cult and brought many legendary models. In 2016, the competition is really hard, but the studio unlike other former legends is still at the top. Why? Meet the new generation of BelAmiZac DeHaan. He has everything what it takes to become the next big model. Athletic body, big cock, bubble-butt and that legendary ‘belami’ boyish charm written all over him.

Meet the BelAmi 2.0

> See Zac in action at BelAmi

Aiden Quinn – BelAmi’s Future Superstar

aiden_quinn-belami-xxx Seductive smile, chiselled body and beautiful dick are just some of his charms… BelAmi latest discovery Aiden Quinn is easy going and quite comfortable taking his clothes off in front of the camera. We predict him a bright future at BelAmi.
Interesting fact: BelAmi has a very strict policy on beards and tattoos. Both are strictly forbidden among their models. But Aiden was so hot, that they casted him even if he’s breaking one of their sacred rules.

Aiden is one of very few BelAmi models allowed to have tattoos.

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Sascha Chaykin Celebrating 15 Years At BelAmi

sascha-chaykin-model-belami This year it will be 15 years since Sascha Chaykin first appeared at BelAmi. In terms of the porn business context, he would be a porn daddy. BelAmi has always been youth-oriented studio, so it’s a little miracle they kept Sascha for so long. But unlike many of their models Sascha has not changed drastically over the years and preserved his smooth face, ripped body and that boyish sparkle in his eyes.
Sascha was discovered cleaning windows at a gas station with his brother for tips when BelAmi’s model scout found them. They both ended up singing a contract, but only Sascha made it into the international superstar.

Sascha was cleaning windows at a gas station for tips when BelAmi’s scout discovered him.

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Ultraripped Lorenzo Gray From BelAmi

lorenzo-gray-belami BelAmi is not just that few legendary actors well known from dozens of scenes, but also many not so known sexy jocks whom has appeared just for one or two scenes – just as this crazy-ripped Hungarian jock Lorenzo Gray. After his work at BelAmi, Lorenzo became a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model. lorenzo-gray-bodybuilder-belami
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BelAmi’s Kris Evans in Addicted Underwear Campaign

Kris-Evans-Addicted-Bravo Kris Evans is a long-time fan-favorite BelAmi model with undeniably the best body from all their models… and he’s just getting hotter and hotter over the years.
Spanish underwear brand Addicted knows that sex sells so they teamed up with BelAmi and hired their hottest exclusives for their recent BRAVO! campaign.
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