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Well equipped guys!

Well-Endowed Matthew From LatinBoyz

When you love latin types, LatinBoyz is a perfect place where to find them. Matthew is 24 year old Brazilian jock with perfectly ripped body. He’s 5′10 (177.5cm) tall and weights 165 lbs (75kg). But there are far more interesting measures about Matthew – his incredibly huge and perfectly shaped dick.

Matthew had just been discharged from the Army seven days before this shoot and needed some quick cash when we ran into him at a restaurant where he was applying for a job.

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The Long Awaited Comeback Of Mark Long

Mark Long used to be a NextDoor exclusive from 2012 to 2016. He’s got popular for his perfectly shaped 9″ dick. After a year long hiatus, NextDoor are bringing him back for their big movie release Straight Chexxx.

Mark Long – a name that fits him perfectly.

> Watch Mark back in action at NextDoor

9,5 Inches Of SeanCody Model Ethan Elliott

Ethan Elliott was born and raised in Washington state in a small country town neaw Portland, Oregon. Aside his good looks and monstrous 9.5 inches between his legs, Ethan used to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. And one of the most popular models at SeanCody between 2010 to 2012. Guess why…

“My dick is a solid 9.5 inches.”

And this is how we used to know him back in the SeanCody days.
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Muscular Skinhead Harley Everett

HardBritLads ‘s massive muscular hunk Harley Everett towers at 6’4″ and with his years of bodybuilding he has one of the biggest pecs we’ve ever seen. On top of that he has a shaved head and some intense tattoos. He is a seriously imposing and very powerful looking guy. Add to that his big thick uncut cock with lots of foreskin, and Harley is pretty much sex on legs – BIG legs.

Everything’s big about Harley.

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