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The Fresh Restart Of Jason Vario

Jason Vario started in started the industry right out of high school. He used it to pay for his university tuition, which was really expensive. Then took a break from it for a couple of years. 7 years passed, he finished his studies, packed some serious muscles and was ready for a comeback. And hell-yeah, we’ve instantly fell in love with him. See him in action at TitanMen.

TitanMen has spoiled me, it is like a gay summer camp; a nice paid vacation with some great guys.”

> See Jason in action at TitanMen

The New Definiton Of Buff – Ridder Rivera From TimTales

The latest hunk Ridder Rivera at TimTales sets the new high bar for the word – buff. At 5’8″ [175 cm] he packs 187 lbs [85 kg] of pure muscles. His almost unrealistic physique is accompanied by also a monstrous 8 inches [20 cm] dick. We would believe the photos must be photoshopped but wait until you’ll see the muscles in motion. Just wow.

It’s almost hard to believe that Ridder is not CGI.

> See River in action only at TimTales

Hot New Black Hunk Jason Vario

From all the new models of 2016, Jason Vario is easily our most favourite newcomer. He’s got everything – impressively huge muscles, handsome face, big dick and such a great personality.
Although he used to be known by a different name in the past, 2016 was the year of his breakthrough. His versatility in his scenes are powerful from top to bottom, and with no doubt he should be the next big star. Be sure to check him out at RagingStallion and TitanMen.

“I grew up a skinny, nerdy introvert so what better way to break out from your shell in a big way than do porn!”

> See Jason in action at TitanMen

Black Stud Jacen Zhu From LucasEntertainment

lucasentertainment-jacen_zhu Jacen Zhu is the latest black stud at LucasEntertainment. He started working in adult entertainment because of his obsession with porn. Jacen enjoys the quiet things in life: “Most of the time I’m at the gym or in the dance studio. And when I can get away from all of it I’m hiding away in nature when the weather permits. jacen_zhu-6k-hd-download

“I’ve always had a high sexual energy and being an expressionist-turned-exhibitionist, I thought it would be fun to try it out. I never thought I’d be a natural.”

> See Jacen in action at LucasEntertainment