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Bodybuilder Brock Magnus Makes His Debut At LucasEntertainment

LucasEntertainment has been teasing their new exclusive model for very long time. And now we know why.
Brock Magnus, a native of the Czech Republic, is pure beefcake. He has some of the biggest muscles amongst the Lucas Men to date, and it’s been a dream of his to show all of them off on film. His huge body comes from a long background in bodybuilding, which is apparent when you see his incredible physique. At 6’2 (188 cm) he weights in at 230 pounds (104 kg) of muscle. His body is matched with a handsome face, beautiful smile, nice cock but the best of all, Brock is really serious about his job: “I want to become a better performer and produce awesome porn movies that my fans will love!”

“I want to become a better performer and produce awesome porn movies that my fans will love!”

> Watch Brock in action at LucasEntertainment

Kris Evans Has Left BelAmi For Bodybuilding

Kris Evans used to be the face body of BelAmi‘s for almost a decade and pretty much started the transition of the studio into 21st century era, where even a muscular mature men stands a chance. But Kris has decided to give BelAmi a goodbye and focus on bodybuilding and a career of a fitness model. (As portrayed by Paul van der Linde) Good luck Kris, you’ll be missed!

This is the new era for Kris.

BelAmi dedicated the whole month of march to their departing legend Kris. He may have left, but his muscle torso and his massive cumshots will stay written deeply into gay porn’s hall of fame.
> See Kris in action at BelAmi

The New Definiton Of Buff – Ridder Rivera From TimTales

The latest hunk Ridder Rivera at TimTales sets the new high bar for the word – buff. At 5’8″ [175 cm] he packs 187 lbs [85 kg] of pure muscles. His almost unrealistic physique is accompanied by also a monstrous 8 inches [20 cm] dick. We would believe the photos must be photoshopped but wait until you’ll see the muscles in motion. Just wow.

It’s almost hard to believe that Ridder is not CGI.

> See River in action only at TimTales

Enormous Kyle Silver From NextDoor

The latest guy at NextDoor is enormously muscular Kyle Silver. He’s 5’8 181 lbs of muscles.
Kyle is a nutritionist who spends most of his waking life at the gym refining his muscular body. He played just about every sport possible in High School yet he wasn’t as fit as he is now but he loves the way he looks and we are sure you will as well.

Kyle has the classic look of a 90’s male porn star.

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