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CorbinFisher’s Todd Returns To Chaosmen As Zane

When Zane was first introduced to CorbinFisher as Todd in 2008 he immediately caught our attention. Despite his height of 6’4″ (193 cm) and young age 20, he was already impressively muscular jock back then. When he switched to ChaosMen he switched his name to Zane and worked here till 2009. 8 years later, now 28, Zane is back and hairer hotter then ever!

Zane got the right amount of body hair.

Zane could be a manual how a man should look in his 30ties.

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Robbie Rivers By Chaosmen

22-year-old Robbie Rivers is the latest guy at ChaosMen, but he’s already pretty experienced. He is super polite, very comfortable being Bi, and is pretty much down for everything. He loves what he is doing, but also knows you all want it to be hot.
Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy’s hole turns him on too.

Robbie enjoys having an audience, and really tries to turn on the heat for you.

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Chaosmen Ansel Is A Natural Exhibitionist

When Ansel did a photoshoot with a photographer, he got pretty turned-on showing off his cock and body. So he was referred to ChaosMen and he was finally able to fully show up his true potential. Ansel is 23, has nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls have no problems taking.

Ansel is a natural exhibitionist and gets turned-on by anyone looking.

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Bearded Hairy Beast Caspar From ChaosMen

ChaosMen‘s Caspar won’t scare you off. He might be a giant hairy beast, but he’s a very nice and open-minded guy! Caspar is straight, but has no problems dipping into the male arena. He likes dominant females, and sounds like it can get pretty intense with the BDSM. Women have pegged him many times, so he’s ready to put a huge show.

With his full beard, a very tall 6’5″ and a VERY deep voice, he’s the prototype of a modern lumberjack.

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