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Robbie Rivers By Chaosmen

22-year-old Robbie Rivers is the latest guy at ChaosMen, but he’s already pretty experienced. He is super polite, very comfortable being Bi, and is pretty much down for everything. He loves what he is doing, but also knows you all want it to be hot.
Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy’s hole turns him on too.

Robbie enjoys having an audience, and really tries to turn on the heat for you.

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Chaosmen Ansel Is A Natural Exhibitionist

When Ansel did a photoshoot with a photographer, he got pretty turned-on showing off his cock and body. So he was referred to ChaosMen and he was finally able to fully show up his true potential. Ansel is 23, has nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls have no problems taking.

Ansel is a natural exhibitionist and gets turned-on by anyone looking.

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Bearded Hairy Beast Caspar From ChaosMen

ChaosMen‘s Caspar won’t scare you off. He might be a giant hairy beast, but he’s a very nice and open-minded guy! Caspar is straight, but has no problems dipping into the male arena. He likes dominant females, and sounds like it can get pretty intense with the BDSM. Women have pegged him many times, so he’s ready to put a huge show.

With his full beard, a very tall 6’5″ and a VERY deep voice, he’s the prototype of a modern lumberjack.

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Chaosmen Easton Will Disarm You With His Smile And Big Dick

Meet Easton, a 22-year-old gay guy with who might have a small frame 5’6″ (1,67cm), but compensates his height with a really big dick. Combine that with enthusiasm, sexual energy and dirty boy vibe and you have a future superstar at ChaosMen to follow. Easton was super turned-on by doing his first solo video and he will be definitely back for more!

Easton spent most of his adult life topping, but has recently been embracing bottoming.

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Ashton McKay Joins ChaosMen

chaosmen-ashton_mckay This 25 year-old hunk has done quite a bit of video work with a few other stage names for many studios. Marshall White at CollegeDudes, Ashton at Corbin Fisher, before finally becoming Ashton McKay at BROMO and most recently also ChaosMen.
Ashton is a pretty tall guy. At 6’2″ (188cm) he’s packing 210lbs (95kg) of muscles. He exudes confidence, and this is exactly the type of college jock graduate that gets hotter with age.

Ashton was discovered through his ModelMayhem profile at the age of 18.

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Ultra Hot Daddy Toby Jacobs From ChaosMen

toby_jacobs-chaosmen-muscle-daddyBelieve it or not, Chaosmen latest daddy Toby Jacobs is 46 years old! Toby is very easy going, and was super turned-on for his solo. He admitted to always wanting to do porn, but never thought his body was good enough. What?!? Not only does he have a hot body, but a beautiful cock that is somewhere between 7.5 to 8 inches, often pointing straight up in the air when hard.

He was turned-on by doing the photos, but when the cameras recorded, he was extra-aroused with thoughts of you all enjoying watching him stroke his meat.

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Chaosmen Wright Is A Grower

chaosmen-wright Chaosmen‘s Wright is 34 year old pretty tall 6’1 (185cm) hunk with a rockin’ body. But there are more interesting things about this guy. For example his piercing green eyes..ehm really long 8″ uncut cock. He gets hard easily and was turned-on by showing off to the camera.

Wright only wanted to do a solo, but after the shoot he indicated he might be down for more.

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