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Ashton McKay Joins ChaosMen

chaosmen-ashton_mckay This 25 year-old hunk has done quite a bit of video work with a few other stage names for many studios. Marshall White at CollegeDudes, Ashton at Corbin Fisher, before finally becoming Ashton McKay at BROMO and most recently also ChaosMen.
Ashton is a pretty tall guy. At 6’2″ (188cm) he’s packing 210lbs (95kg) of muscles. He exudes confidence, and this is exactly the type of college jock graduate that gets hotter with age.

Ashton was discovered through his ModelMayhem profile at the age of 18.

> See Ashton at ChaosMen

Ultra Hot Daddy Toby Jacobs From ChaosMen

toby_jacobs-chaosmen-muscle-daddyBelieve it or not, Chaosmen latest daddy Toby Jacobs is 46 years old! Toby is very easy going, and was super turned-on for his solo. He admitted to always wanting to do porn, but never thought his body was good enough. What?!? Not only does he have a hot body, but a beautiful cock that is somewhere between 7.5 to 8 inches, often pointing straight up in the air when hard.

He was turned-on by doing the photos, but when the cameras recorded, he was extra-aroused with thoughts of you all enjoying watching him stroke his meat.

> See the video at Chaosmen

Chaosmen Wright Is A Grower

chaosmen-wright Chaosmen‘s Wright is 34 year old pretty tall 6’1 (185cm) hunk with a rockin’ body. But there are more interesting things about this guy. For example his piercing green eyes..ehm really long 8″ uncut cock. He gets hard easily and was turned-on by showing off to the camera.

Wright only wanted to do a solo, but after the shoot he indicated he might be down for more.

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Young Muscular ‘Daddy’ Ronin From Chaosmen

chaosmen-ronin ChaosMen‘s latest stud Ronin / Rocke / Mike is a big beefy boy! He’s still a young stud, but already impressively muscular, hairy with a sexy beard. His build says hot daddy type, but he is a bit young for that moniker.

realitydudes-str8-rocke But wait! Ronin is not so new! He has been already on all his four as Rocke at Str8Chaser or without his hot beard at ActiveDuty.
> See Ronin in action at ChaosMen

Romeo Alfonso Is Claudio At ChaosMen

chaosmen-claudio-romeo_alfonso Romeo Alfonso was one of the hottest guys that has ever appeared at Randy Blue so we’ve been thrilled seeing him making comeback to Chaosmen under new name Claudio earlier this year. 3 bareback scenes have been released so far.

Romeo can be thankful to his Cuban ancestors for his stunning exotic looks.

romeo-alfonso-as-claudio-chaosmen Romeo has beefed up over the years.
> See Romeo at Randy Blue or Claudio at Chaosmen

Spanish Jock Remy Ferrera From Chaosmen

chaosmen-remy_ferrera ChaosMen‘s latest jock Remy Ferrera is a 23-year-old Spanish guy from Pacific Northwest. He is a tall 6’3″ dude, with a delicious uncut cock. He works in a warehouse, moving heavy items around.

Remy works in a warehouse, moving heavy items around. It would be such a pity staying hidden there.

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ChaosMen’s Whitaker – Blond or Ginger?

chaosmen_whitaker ChaosMen latest stud is 30 years old Texas born hunk Whitaker. He has done everything from being a waiter to construction work. Like most of the guys, Whitaker is trying to get ahead of his bills.
We have difficulties figuring out whether is he ginger or blond. And we’re not the only ones. Even his friends have often referred to him as a ginger, but he is blond all over.

His friends have often referred to him as a ginger, but he is blond all over.

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