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The Deep Voice Of CorbinFisher Weston

corbinfisher-weston Dark features, innocent face, captivating eyes, deep voice, fury chest – Weston came to Corbin Fisher to show all that off – and a bit more! He proves, that Corbin doesn’t force their models to act straight as Weston is openly gay. Along with his nice personality, Weston has already won our heart.

Weston is one of very few openly gay models at Corbin Fisher.

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(Kyle Dean) Nash Got The Iconic CorbinFisher Look

corbinfisher-nash Did you loved Corbin Fisher‘s two most iconic models of all time Dawson and Connor? Than Nash must be exactly your type! He looks like a perfect amalgamation of these two. It’s hard to believe that this 18-year-old jock is not the younger brother of these two.
+ But Nash is not that new into gay porn, he was already pretty popular at GayHoopla known as Kyle Dean.

Nash looks like an amalgamation between CorbinFisher’s most popular models Dawson and Connor.

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CorbinFisher Nicholas Is About To Get Engineering Degree But He Choses Porn

corbinfisher-nicholas Corbin Fisher‘s latest model Nicholas got everything to become a successful young man. Aside from his handsome appearance, stunning body, nice personality, big thick dick, he is also blessed with intelligence. Nicholas knows a handful of languages and he’s close to getting his engineering degree. He has job offers lined up. So what guides a guy like this into porn? It’s simple, he wants the fun and experience.

Nicholas is close to getting his engineering degree and has job offers lined up. But he chose porn, why? It’s simple, he wants the experience.

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CorbinFisher’s Hugh Loves The Camera

corbinfisher-hugh-model In many ways CorbinFisher latest guy Hugh is a classic CF model – young, fit and very handsome. But in one – and the most important one – he’s pretty unique. Hugh is really comfortable in front of the camera and with his sexuality. He loves the camera and the camera loves him.

Hugh is really comfortable in front of the camera and for his introductory video Hugh wanted to do something different, not just boring wank.

corbinfisher-hugh For his introductory video Hugh wanted to do something different, and so CorbinFisher provided him a toy to play and fuck himself with as he jacks off. The result is spectacular! Hugh gets lost in the pleasure and puts on a raw and heart-rate-spiking show – with a powerful finish!
His XXX videos has already been released and Hugh doesn’t disappoints.
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Elijah Knight is now Keaton at CorbinFisher

cf-corbinfisher-keaton-elijah-knight When we saw the 22-year-old Elijah Knight for the first time, it was a love at first sight. Such a good looking guy. Although he has dazzling blue eyes and a great body, the first thing that pops out at you is his friendly smile. We hoped he’ll return for something more, so we’ve been thrilled seeing him joining Corbin Fisher team!

“While some big and buff guys make us question whether they’ll be cold, mean, or full of themselves- that was never the case with Keaton!”

cf-keaton-Elijah-Knight Keaton was previously known as Elijah Knight and did two hot solo scenes for StraightNakedThugs.
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