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Bisexual Czech Stud Ivan Kanerov From WilliamHiggins

Ivan Kanerov is 20-years-old stunning Czech guy. Ivan is coming from a small town of Boskovice, Czech Republic. He proclaims himself as bisexual, but he never had any sexual experience with a guy, because there were no hot guys around. So he’s really excited for his WilliamHiggins pairing and so are we!

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Czech Stud Kamil Banek From WilliamHiggins

24 year-old Czech stud Kamil Banek is the latest addition to WilliamHiggins. Kamil comes from Prague, Czech Republic, he’s 5’6″ (169cm) tall, weights 62kg and he doesn’t lie about the size of his dick – a very realistic 6.3″ (16cm). He plays soccer and is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo :) .

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Insanely Hairy Czech Stud Adam Sedak WilliamHiggins

Meet 27-year-old Czech muscle beast Adam Sedak, who’s 5’10″(178 cm) tall and packs massive 220lb (100 kg) of muscles. He’s really into bodybuilding, which is quite obvious, but we love the fact that he kept his body naturally hairy. WilliamHiggins got a really lucky hand lately.

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Tattoed Czech Jock Slavek Nerad From WilliamHiggins

Wow, just wow. WilliamHiggins‘s latest Czech stud Slavek Nerad is surely not a boyfriend type, but he’s exactly the type of a bad boy who we would want to spend one night with. Slavek is aged 20 and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. This handsome well-built straight guy works in a warehouse and enjoys sports, cycling and fitness.

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Cenda Nezval From WilliamHiggins

WilliamHiggins latest stud has a pretty weird name. Cenda Nezval is 21 from Czech Republic and could be classified as a muscular ripped twink. He’s 5’11” (182cm) tall, weights 151.8lb (69kg) and got 6.69″ (17cm) down there.

Cenda has a look of a typical Czech guy at the age of 20.

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