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Model Kingsley Bares All For DylanRosser

You know what they say, big nose big hose. The idea that a mans nose is proportional to the size of his penis – therefore men with big noses are assumed to have big hoses. DylanRosser‘s latest model Kingsley proves that the formula might be right as he’s got a really big dick himself. See for yourself at TheMaleForm.

You know what they say, big nose big hose.

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Stunning Model Juan Photographed By Dylan Rosser

With every new photoshoot Dylan Rosser proves that he’s the best photographer out there. Last month he portrayed young model Juan and it’s no surprise that the result is just stunning. See the uncensored full-frontal and even erect photos at TheMaleForm.

There are two types of guys. Showers and growers. Juan is both.

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Model Saul Harris By Calvin Brockington

Man of month March at TheMaleForm is Saul Harris. This 27-year-old model and personal trainer based in Dallas, Texas is a former electrical engineer who found love in bodybuilding. He’s huge and surprisingly he maintains a Gluten-Free Paleo diet.

Guess why is his cock being called “beer-can thick”.

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Model Josh Hamlett Bares All For TheMaleForm

Model Josh Hamlett has been teasing us with a series of sexy semi-revealing images for many years. Thanks to photographer Calvin Brockington and Dylan Rosser’s site TheMaleForm we can peek what is he hiding in his underwear. And damn! He’s nothing to be ashamed for! He’s a very well endowed guy!

Josh has been teasing us for years. But the wait was worth it.

> See the uncensored pics at TheMaleForm

Sexy Stud Slava Drops All For Alex Klimov

Photographer Alex Klimov is a frequent contributor to Dylan Rosser‘s site TheMaleForm. This time he undresses hot Russian model Slava. Seeing his gorgeous face and athletic body is definitely a pleasure to the eye.

The charms and beauty of Russian women are known all over the world. But Russian men can be sexy too!

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[Fitness Models] Ashley Morris Bared All For Dylan Rosser

ashley_morris-dylanrosser-themaleform We’ve been waiting for this moment since we’ve seen this hot hunk for the very first time… and we knew it will come. Ashley Morris is one of those hot and muscled hunks who knows how to use his sexuality in the perfect way, and obviously being a stripper means he’s not scared to get it all out there and be more teasing than other male models. And after years of teasing, he finally bares all for Dylan Rosser at his TheMaleForm site.

You might get lost in his blue eyes, but wait until you see him down there!

> See the uncensored images of Ashley at TheMaleForm