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Michael Santos From GayHoopla

22-year-old Michael Santos is the latest stud at GayHoopla. He’s bisexual, 5’8″ (172 cm) tall and packs a lot of muscles especially on his legs. He’s got a great energy, attitude, smile that brightens the room and best of all he’s a total sex machine.

It seems like Collin and Michael were made for each other.

> See Michael in action at GayHoopla

Shake It Off GayHoopla’s Taylor Shift

The latest hunk at GayHoopla is 22 year old Taylor Shift from South California. He’s a really hunky athletic type with that perfect American smile and impressive dick. All we want from him is to ‘Shake it off, shake it off’.

It’s clearly where’s the inspiration for his name going from. But the mystery remains, why?

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[A Dozen Gifs Of…] Sean Costin Taking A Shower

sean-costin-bodybuilder-gif-x GayHoopla‘s giant Sean Costin is without any doubt currently the most popular bodybuilder in porn industry. He is perfect in every possible way. He’s huge, but unlike many other bodybuilders, attractively huge! And that’s what makes Sean so popular. You better see him in motion!

Tyler Smith Is The First Black Model At GayHoopla

gayhoopla-tyler_smith We had to wait 3 years to finally get a first black model at the hunk-filled GayHoopla. And when they finally found a really hot black model they chose the whitest possible name for him – Tyler Smith. o_O

They chose the whitest possible name for their first black model.

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Johnny Pitt Brings Swag To GayHoopla

Our favorite site GayHoopla continues delivering hunky hot muscular jocks, but even at their really high standards, their latest bodybuilder Johnny Pitt is extraordinary.
This muscle jock had some serious swag and charm about him with a really hot smile and one of the hottest asses we’ve ever seen. Jonny is about 5’10” and weighs 190lbs of pure muscle. He is ready to show you what a badass mother fucker like him is capable of.

This badass mother fucker cant wait to show you what he’s capable of!

> See the trailer at GayHoopla