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LegendMen Von Legend aka Bodybuilder Matt Davis

When LegendMen renamed bodybuilder Matt Davis to Von Legend for their photoshoot, they got a good reason. At 6’5″ (196cm) he is one of the biggest men to ever pose for male erotica. His physique has heroic proportions, 270 lbs (122kg) of raw muscle!

To put his size into perspective, there’s Connor McGregor for a scale.

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LegendMen’s Gentle Giant Buck Andrews

legendmen-buck-andrews LegendMen features a lot of hot huge muscular guys, but Buck Andrews is massive even at their standards. He’s 5’11” (180cm) tall and packs 265 pounds (120 kg) of pure muscles. But don’t get fooled by his looks. This guy is always smiling, he’s a gentle giant.
P.S.: In the end of his video he promises that he’ll return for more!

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A Much More Naked Alehandro Diaz From LegendMen

alehandro-diaz-legendmen-bodybuilder We love handsome muscular guys and LegendMen is the right place where to find them. In his previous photoshoot Alehandro Diaz has been way too clothed of our taste, thankfully he’s much more naked in his second one.

We love handsome muscular guys and LegendMen is the right place where to find them.

alehandro-diaz-gif-video If you find Alehandro Diaz your type, there are dozens of guys like him at LegendMen.
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A Perfect Hunk Alehandro Diaz From LegendMen

Alehandro-Diaz-LegendMen LegendMen‘s latest hunk Alehandro Diaz is the reason why we started blogging. Our primary goal was to deliver you the hottest men on earth (ideally without any clothes). Alehandro is what defines a perfect hunk – from his handsome facial structure, trimmed beard, bad boy charisma, to his absolutely perfect muscular physique.

Delivering you guys like Alehandro is the reason why we started blogging.

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[A Dozen Gifs Of…] Angelo D’Luca From LegendMen

legendmen-angelo-d'luca-video-gif If there would be oscars for the best solo performance of the year, Angelo D’Luca from LegendMen would be an indisputable winner! This Italian-American hunk was born to be performer! He’s proud of his huge muscular body and loves the attention. And when he starts the dirty talk you know this isn’t that boring video with some hot hunk inside.

Fitness Model Brad Pearmain is LegendMen’s Ladd Lusk

ladd-lusk-legendmen-model Could a man in his thirties get any hotter than model Brad Pearmain? We doubt it. His physique is just stunning, add his handsome features and uncut dick and it’s a visual perfection. Enjoy his solo videos only as Ladd Lusk at LegendMen.

Could a man get any hotter in his thirties than this guy?

ladd-lusk-fitness-modelLadd is a London based fitness model Brad Pearmain who has covered Men’s Health magazine and made headlines as a boyfriend to UK’s socialite Jodie Marsh.
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