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Muscle Daddy Tomas Brand

It’s really difficult to believe that Tomas Brand will turn 50 next year. This Swedish muscled viking heights 182 cm and packs 96 kg of pure muscles ripped to the perfection. He’s exclusively signed to LucasEntertainment.

Tomas looks better then 99% of guys half his age.

> See Tomas in action at LucasEntertainment

Ace Era Is The New LucasEntertainment Exclusive

Ace Era is 30-year-old handsome stud living in West Virginia with such an angelic face. But don’t get fooled, this guy is a total sexual beast. LucasEntertainment signed him to be their latest exclusive and he’s well on his way to gay porn stardom.

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“I hope to get my name and face out there even more. I’m very excited to see what doors will open for me.”

> See Ace in action at LucasEntertainment

LucasEntertainment James Castle By The Pool

James Castle wanted to escape the drudgery of working in finance, so he decided to embrace a few years of hedonistic pleasure including lots of travel around the world. And while we are freezing here in Europe now, James is enjoying his LucasEntertainment photoshoot somewhere in the exotic.

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> See James in action at LucasEntertainment

The Ultimate Hunk Bulrog Ludovic From LucasEntertainment

Bulrog Ludovic also known as Ludovic Grauser is a Paris-based engineer by day, by night he embraces his adventurous side by performing in LucasEntertainment productions. He’s addicted to sex, so porn is a perfect stage for him.

See the images in 6K resolution.

Bulrog used to be a singer, but realised that with this look it might be a wasted potential.

> See Bulrog in action at LucasEntertainment

Tyler Berg From LucasentEntertainment

LucasEntertainment is closing this years successful batch of ultra-hot new models with Tyler Berg. Tyler’s Nordic descent is apparent in his strong and handsome facial features. This guy has the blood of a Viking running through his veins, but that’s only how he comes across in the streets. Behind the bedroom door in the sheets, Tyler embraces both his dominant and submissive sides.

Tyler’s Nordic descent is apparent in his strong and handsome facial features.

> See Tyler in action at LucasEntertainment

Stas Landon – From a Banker To a Pornstar

stas_landon-lucasentertainment-exclusive-model Stas Landon was born 8 October 1984 in Luhansk, Ukraine. Year ago, you could met him working in a bank in Moscow, Russia being well-dressed in a suit. But Stas had another dream. Being a longtime fan of LucasEntertainment, he sent them a couple of his pictures and you can easily guess their reaction… :)
> See Stas in action at LucasEntertainment