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Brazilian Beauty Jandro From LucasKazan

Brazilian Beauty Jandro From LucasKazan Solo Meet the latest LucasKazan Brazilian hottie Jandro. He’s 22, good-looking, ripped, well-endowed and… camera-shy. What? With a sculpted, muscular body like his? And that huge cock and that glorious ass? For sure, Jandro is not a narcissist, not even exhibitionist. We’re just lucky he took his clothes off for director Ettore Tosi, sharing with the rest of us his all-Brazilian beauty. Enjoy!

He’s good-looking, ripped, well-endowed and… camera-shy. What?

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LukasKazan’s Italian Stallion Marco

Newbies are often camera-shy. They may get their cocks hard, but seldom answer questions with anything more than a syllable or two. NOT LucasKazan‘s Marco, who kept talking and talking through his solo. He’s from Naples and Neapolitans are known to be… extroverted.
He’s 21, he’s hung, he’s a sex pig and loves the camera…

“Let’s say I’m not a perfect boyfriend, but I might be a perfect lover.”

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Hung Beefy Ripped Tiago From LucasKazan

LucasKazan‘s director knows where to find the hottest guys. It’s Brazil. Hung. Beefy. Ripped… We could go on and on about Tiago‘s statuesque build and his manhood. Green-eyed and fair-skinned, this 27 year old is no ordinary Brazilian.

Tiago oozes sex – it’s in his eyes, his smile, his every move.

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LucasKazan’s Brazilian Stallion Renato

Meet LucasKazan ‘s Renato a 26-year-old hunk from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil who’s really comfortable in front of a camera. He’s into all kind of sports, judo, skateboarding, surfing are his most favorite. And how does you get a hot body like that? By 5-6 times a week working out in a gym.

“Hunks like Renato are the reasons we visit Rio once or twice a year”, says director Ettore Tosi.

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Italian Hunk Gennaro From LucasKazan

italian hunk Gennaro from lucas kazan Italian men are among the hottest in the world and LucasKazan is the best site where to find them. Gennaro or how do they describe him – “A mountain of muscles” is 6′ 2″ tall, 25 years old and comes from from Naples, Italy. It wouldn’t surprise you that he works as a personal trainer.

The best of all, Gennaro looks even better in motion.

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Brazilian Bodybuilder Carlos From LucasKazan

During 90-ties LukasKazan used to be a mark of quality – a studio where the top quality films were made with mostly Italian men. But Italians are no longer exotic, so the studio is looking also towards Brazilians as they are one of the best looking nations.
Their latest model is Carlos – a 21-year-old hot bodybuilder from Rio de Janeiro who despite his young age has impressively muscular body. He’s cocky and confident, but very polite and surprisingly little shy.

Carlo’s friendly smile and his polite manners speak louder than his “action hero” pecs.

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