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A Dozen GIFs Of… Zack Lemec Fucks A Butt

maskurbate zack lemec sex toy gif Zack Lemec is without any doubt the face and the body of the Maskurbate site. He’s an all-around handsome hunk with perfect ripped body and really big dick. But after many solo scenes we would love to see that big dick of his being put into some action… And the wait is over, well partially… In his latest scene Zack fucks a sex toy and pretty hard. Now the wait will be ever harder knowing he’s is an awesome fucker. See the gifs after the jump.

A Dozen GIFs Of… Maskurbate’s Brad

maskurbate-brad-kovi_lacroix-philippe_lebrun-gif When we asked our readers under our TOP 10 list of Maskurbate models who is their favorite model, a whoping 36% of you voted for Brad. And that’s a lot! No wonder, this young bodybuilder ahs one of the best bodies we’ve seen.
He is known under many names including Philippe Lebrun, Kovi LaCroix or simply just Brad at Maskurbate.

TOP 10 Hottest Guys Of Maskurbate 2006-2016

maskurbate-10-years-anniversary This october it’s been 10 years since the debut of Maskurbate website, which brought a unique concept to the world.
There are many extremely hot guys out there who are willing to show the world their hotness, but they are afraid that their friends or family will find out. Maskurbate allowed their models to use a mask. That convinced many really hot guys to put away their underwear. And once the fear was gone after a couple of scenes, they were ready to unmask themselves.

“When I set out to create Maskurbate I knew I wanted it to be more than just another fetish site because this doesn’t appeal to me at all. The challenge was to create one without promoting the mask itself. Maskurbate proved to me that porn can be done differently, with class and a little twist. Of course it helps that my models have all been sculpted by Michelangelo!” said Pascal, founder of Maskurbate.

Here is the list of TOP 10 guys who has appeared on the site in recent 10 years.