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Genetics Lottery Winner Kayden Andrews

Kayden Andrews NextDoor’s latest newcomer Kayden Andrews is a lucky winner in genetics lottery as all the good genes of various races combined in this stud. Kayden is a personal trainer who loves music, dance, and just hanging out with good friends.

When he’s in the gym, he’s helping others push themselves to become stronger and better. When he’s dancing as a male entertainer, he’s enticing his fans in the most sensuous ways you can imagine. So expect a professional.
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The Curious Case Of Jacob Durham’s Dick

Jacob Durham gay porn model We love Jacob Durham‘s transformation from a young twink to this muscular monster at NextDoor. Sure, muscles always look better, but due to the optical illusion, the bigger you get, the smaller your penis will look like. Somehow, that’s not the case of Jacob. He is denying the logic as his cock looks even bigger!

The curious case of Jacob Durham – The bigger he gets, the bigger his cock looks like.

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What’s Up With Cody Cummings?

Remember the gay-for-pay legend Cody Cummings? Of course you do… Thanks to his attitude, Cody used to be the most polarising model of all times with millions of fans, but even more haters. He was very stubborn and pretty much just teased us all these years. But that doesn’t change the fact, that he is still one of the best looking guy who has ever appeared in porn.
Cody used to be active during 2007-2013 on his own dedicated site with a short comeback in 2015.

But what’s with Cody now?

Cody is now 40, working as a photographer and occasionally still modelling. He is now also known as Kevin Lengyel, which is his real name. Unlike us humans, Cody doesn’t have any upside downs in matter of look and shape. So it’s not surprising that even if he hit 40 last year, he’s still looking absolutely stunning and in-shape.
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The Sexy Santa in Marcus Mojo aka Landon Mycles

If tattooed hipster Santa is not your type, you might like this sexy jock Landon Mycles who prior to his career used to be a huge star known as Marcus Mojo. His boyish charm, blonde hair, piercing green eyes and body of a Michelangelo’s David earned him his own exclusive personal site MarcusMojo at NextDoor.

Marcus used to be only one of eight megastars at NextDoor to have their own site.

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James Huntsman Returns To NextDoor

james_huntsman-nextdoor-comeback James Huntsman used to be one of the biggest stars at NextDoorStudios from 2011 until his final scene at 2014. With his chiseled pecs and sculpted abs, his muscular back, jacked up biceps and straight cocky attitude, he gained a lot of fans, but even more haters.. 2 years laters he’s back. Now 29, bigger, more muscular and let’s hope also finally mature.

“I’m just a sexual person, I was raised to not do anything I wasn’t comfortable doing, I’m still here so that should tell you something.”

james_huntsman-quentin_gainz-nextdoor For their latest scene, NextDoor paired their former legend – James Huntsman with an actual one – Quentin Gainz.
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The Unexpected Comeback Of Dean Phoenix

dean_phoenix-star-nextdoorraw It’s been few years since we’ve last heard of a former AAA porn star Dean Phoenix. He used to be a legend back in the ‘DVD era’ and retired from the adult film industry in late 2000’s. And what a surprise! Out of nowhere, he’s back! Older, but still undeniably hot.
He was born in Mexicali, Mexico in 1974, which makes him 42 years old. He made his debut back in 1998 at the age of 24 and did around 12 scenes for COLT Studio. The biggest archive of his scenes could be found at Channel1Releasing. Despite a wealth of experience, his comeback scene at NextDoorRaw is also his very first bareback scene.

We don’t see that often a true legend of gay porn making a comeback.

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