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Mighty Hunk Matty Strong From NextDoor

Mighty Hunk Matty Strong From NextDoorOne look at Matty Strong‘s physique and it’s obvious he lives up to his name. He’s got great muscular body, big dick, nice ass, but we can’t help ourselves that Matty is a really handsome guy being letdown by his horrible haircut and in urgent need of a proper beard trim. But we believe Matty has a lot of potential in him and we’ll be watching him on NextDoor.

> See more of Matty at NextDoor

CorbinFisher’s Colt Moves As Calvin Chambers To NextDoor

Knowns as Colt, this muscle jock used to be one of the hottest and probably even the best performer in history of CorbinFisher. But after almost 50 scenes, it’s time to move on. They were very glad at NextDoor to accept him into their roster. From now on, he’ll be known as Calvin Chambers. With his youthful face with a boyish smile that makes him look both angelic and mischievous, he might easily fool you he’s a nice but boring boy. But don’t get fooled by his angelic looks, he’s a wild sexual beast.

> Watch Calvin in action at NextDoor or CorbinFisher

The Magic Of The Beard – Johnny Riley

(Y)our NextDoor performer Johnny Riley got even hotter recently. He let his beard grow a little and damn, he’s almost a different man.

No wonder they do call beard a man’s makeup.

Clean? Chinstrap? Full beard?

How do you prefer Johnny?

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> Watch Johnny in action at NextDoor

Captain NextDoor Steve Rogers

For their latest muscle bud NextDoor chose a name Steve Rogers – which is a civil name of Marvel’s Captain America. The inspiration is quite obvious. They might not look the same, but both former soldiers and handsome muscle giants who we want to see “in action”.

This is what would Captain America look like if he’s born in 2000’s

> See Steve in action at NextDoor

Connor Halsted Makes His NextDoor Comeback

26-year-old Connor Halsted might not be the new face in industry, but he caught our attention just now. He made his debut at SeanCody 5 years ago at the age of 21, but he has changed A LOT since then. He took a 2 years vacation from industry, packed some muscles, grew a beard, got a nice haircut and damn a new hottie is born! Do not miss his latest scene at NextDoor.

Maturing done right.

On the left Connor 2 years ago in scene. On the right the most recent NextDoor scene. A pretty drastic transformation in just 2 years, don’t you think?
> Watch Connor in action at NextDoor

Blue-eyed Blond Buff Hunk Donovan Wilde

This blue-eyed blond muscle hunk Donovan Wilde is the latest discovery of NextDoor. He’s a fighter who loves climbing and takes good care of his body. He’s straight, but very open minded. He actually always dreamed of experimenting with guys. In his first scene Donovan was a bit shy, but we believe there’s an inner Wilde beast hidden in this guy.

“I always wanted to experience something with a guy.”

> See Donovan in action at NextDoor