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The Old-School Rocker Tristan From ParagonMen

paragonmen-tristan Aside from manbuns, you don’t see many ‘old-school’ long haired guys these days. So ParagonMen‘s latest stud – a 25-year-old Tristan – is a welcome refresh. With his muscular body, long hair and especially with his wild collection of tattoos he looks like some 90’s rock star.

Tristan is perfectly cool with getting naked and showing his body. With an 7 1/2 inch (19 cm) dick why wouldn’t he be?

tristan-theguysite-paragonmen It’s not his first time for Tristan in front of camera as he has already appeared at TheGuySite year ago.
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The Ultimate Hunk Riley Reynolds From ParagonMen

paragonmen-john-riley-reynolds It’s difficult to fully express the perfection of ParagonMen‘s model Riley Reynolds (a.k.a John Riley). The unique combination of his handsome face, muscular body and his mega-dick makes him an ultimate hunk.

Ever dreamt of seeing Ryan Reynolds wanking on camera? Riley may be a suitable patch.

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Marcel Hans Rodriguez Returns To ParagonMen? Or Not?

marcel-hans-rodriguez-paragonmen-june-2016 ParagonMen has digged deeply into their archives and found some previously unreleased footage of their biggest star yet – Marcel Hans Rodriguez. He appears to be much younger and even most of his recently acquired tattoos are missing.

It must be outtakes from some older photoshoot as Marcel appears to be younger and missing most of his recent tattoos.

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Riley Reynolds Is A Deadpool With A Really Big Dick

paragonmen-riley-reynolds-john-riley-deadpool-gay-nude-penis If Riley Reynolds (a.k.a John Riley) from ParagonMen would be a super-hero, his superpower would be paralysis. An ability to leave you completely disarmed with his looks and his ultimate weapon – really big and perfectly straight dick.

Ever dreamt of seeing Ryan Reynolds wanking on camera? Riley may be a suitable patch.

deadpool riley ryan reynolds nude naked full frontal penis Deadpool is everywhere these days. Studio bet on an original marketing and attracted millions of viewers into cinemas. Despite it’s risky R rating, lot of violence and some nudity, what we really missed was Ryan Reynolds dick. Yeah sure it could be seen for a little while, but he certainly deserves more onscreen time. They should hire ParagonMen‘s hottie Riley Reynolds as Ryan’s double and no prosthetics would be needed.
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ParagonMen’s Riley Reynolds Is A Ryan Reynolds Lookalike

john-riley-paragonmen-riley-reynolds Riley Reynolds was one of the hottest guys that has ever appeared at ParagonMen (despite having a then-popular manbun). Thankfully, for his second shoot he has decided to cut his hair and he’s looking absolutely stunning.
Interestingly ParagonMen changed his name to John Riley in his latest shoot.

Ever dreamt of seeing Ryan Reynolds wanking on camera? Riley may be a suitable patch.

ryan-reynolds-lookalike-riley-reynolds Riley and Ryan Reynolds have not just similiar names, they are clearly lookalikes. It’s quite obvious what inspired guys at ParagonMen to name him Riley Reynolds. But what motivated them to change his name to John Riley for his second shoot remains a mystery.
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