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Fernando Del Rio From PrideStudios

If beards, a lot of body hair, perfect bubble-butt and latin blood is what you find attractive in a man, Fernando Del Rio might be exactly your type. See him in action at PrideStudios or RagingStallion.

The more Fernando let his beard grow, the more we like him.

> See Fernando in action at PrideStudios

Dakota Rivers Does PrideStudios

Dakota Rivers made an unexpected comeback this year and it’s been a pleasant surprise. It’s been 10 years since his very first debut, 5 years from his last scene and Dakota is in his best form of his life. Be sure to check him out in his latest scene at PrideStudios or in his bareback debut at BROMO.

> Watch Dakota in action at PrideStudios or BROMO

Ginger Obsession With Bennett Anthony

Gingers. You love them or hate them, there’s nothing in between. We love them, so it’s no surprise that we’re pretty obsessed with Bennett Anthony. With his tattoos it’s the same story as being ginger. Love them or hate them, Bennet is a really handsome guy who’s popular for a reason. You may see Bennet in action at, TitanMen, PrideStudios or even in bareback action at BROMO.

Be careful, gingers might steal your soul!

> See Bennett in action at PrideStudios or BROMO

The Older The Better Myles Landon

myles-landon-muscle-daddyMost of us blame age for our growing waistlines. We assume that it is just part of life that as we grow older, we grow plumper. Bullshit! Excuses! Just take a look at 46 year-old Myles Landon who proves that age is just a number.
Watch Myles in action at IconMale or PrideStudios.

46. For Myles it’s just a number.

> See Myles in action at PrideStudios

Muscle Police Daddy Bruce Beckham

Bruce_Beckham-pridestudios-dylanlucas We were thrilled when Bruce Beckham announced he’s returning back to business. And our joy was even bigger when we’ve seen how well has Bruce aged! He’s now freaking hot muscle daddy and police badge suits him pretty well. See his latest scene at PrideStudios.

At 41, Bruce never looked better!

> Watch Bruce in action at PrideStudios

Mr.Muscle Robert Axel Is Defying Age

Few years back, there were almost none black models in mainstream porn productions. The tall handsome hunk Robert Axel was one of the very few and no wonder why. He was always a very handsome man with a unique muscular physique. But how has this hot man stood in the test of time?
Surprisingly well! Robert is now 34 years old and after a little break he’s back in business and hotter then ever! He’s currently shooting for PrideStudios and

“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

robert-axel-men-com Robert had a very successful career over the years, spanning from FalconStudios, CockyBoys, Cocksuremen, to the latest productions at PrideStudios and
> See Robert in action at PrideStudios or