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Hot New Beau Beaux Banks

Beau Beaux proved right in his very first debut CockyBoys [NOW 50% OFF] scene that he’s more then a capable bottom, as he took one of the biggest dicks in gay porn – Mr. Boomer Banks. Beau is 23 years old, 5’6″ (167 cm) tall and got nice 7″ (18cm) dick. You may find him in RagingStallion and HotHouse videos.
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Bearded Stallion Tegan Zayne

Beard lovers be sure to keep your attention. If you like your men tall, dark, and with hair all over (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then Tegan Zayne might be the right guy for you. Tegan’s got these gorgeous chestnut-colored eyes, rock hard muscles all around, a curvy ass and a trimmed yet bushy beard and chest hair that almost makes you forget he doesn’t have a single tattoo or piercing on his body.
You may find Tegan in RagingStallion or CockyBoys videos.

Men don’t have the luxury of makeup. They got beards.

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Sean Zevran Won The Oscars.. Or Kind Of

There is no doubt about the visual perfection of Sean Zevran. But he’s not only good looking guy, he’s also a great performer. And year 2016 was the year of Sean Zevran as he deservedly took home the ‘Gay Performer Of The Year trophy’ at the XBiz awards, which are the porn version of Oscars.
Do not miss him in action at HotHouse, RagingStallion or Falcon.

2016 was the year of Sean Zevran.

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The Ultimate Symmetry of Jonah Fontana

There is nothing more individual to human beings then the definition of beauty. Yet, some people are considered beautiful by the majority and some aren’t. So there must be any mathematical expression behind it. Scientist regards symmetry as the key definition behind the human beauty.
When you look at RagingStallion ‘s sexy hunk Jonah Fontana, the symmetry in his face is simply astonishing. From the mathematician’s point of view Jonah must be that unique type of universal beauty whom you would consider beautiful even if he’s not directly your type.

The symmetry in Jonah’s face is astonishing.

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A Hot New Ginger Jack Vidra From RagingStallion

Hot New Ginger Jack Vidra If you are into gingers Jack Vidra must be your type. He’s ginger hair, thick ginger beard, porcelain skin, muscular body covered all in freckles and pretty big dick. He’s the latest exclusive at RagingStallion.

Be careful, this ginger might steal your soul!

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Chris Bines Is A Powerhouse Performer

chris_bines-falconstudios Chris Bines has long been a Falcon favorite, and last year we finally added him to their roster of A-Team Exclusives! This ripped, tattooed hunk is a powerhouse performer who brings dynamic, multifaceted sex appeal to each and every scene. He has a masculine beard, thick arms, beefy legs, and broad pecs topped with plump, pink nipples.

Chris delivers intense, award-worthy performances every time he’s on set.

Thanks to Chris’ versatility, he frequently appears across all three Falcon, RagingStallion and HotHouse, wielding his mouth-watering 8” cock as a top and giving up his exceptional ass as a power bottom.
> More of Chris at Falcon or RagingStallion

Rusty Stevens The Last Fighter Of The Golden DVD Era

rusty-stevens-ragingstallion The recent coverage of ESPN Body Issue photoshoot which featured popular MMA fighter Conor McGregor ‘almost’ completely naked, awakened our desire for fighters and boxers. Since it’s one of porn’s most overused themes, it wasn’t difficult to find some handsome ginger McGregor look-alike with less boundaries.
We had to dive into archives and found American porn star Rusty Stevens. Active during 2008 – 2011, his career peaked at RagingStallion and Falcon studios.

Rusty used to be active at the very last phase of the golden DVD era.

> See Rusty in action at RagingStallion