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SeanCody’s Lorenzo Is Very Sexual

The latest guy at SeanCody is a hottie Lorenzo. He’s Italian, knows what he wants, and sticks to his guns no matter what. Speaking of guns, he likes bodybuilding, which comes as no surprise just looking at that body of his. He’s very sexual and he loves talking about it.

“Yes, Italians are very sexual…I’d say 100% of me is sexual.”

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SeanCody’s Muscle Stud Dougie

Dougie is one of the most muscular models SeanCody has ever premiered. It’s no surprise that he’s taking bodybuilding really serious. He’s hitting the gym 7 days a week. But do not expect some boring muscle man. Dougie is a horny beast who came to SeanCody willingly to show you how good fucker is he! Be sure to not miss his xxx debut.

“I’m here because I heard that Sean Cody is looking for a few good tops!”

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SeanCody’s Latin Jock Hector

SeanCody‘s latest hunk Hector is a sexy Latin guy with a thick, uncut cock…and he knows how to use it! Hector even opened about his sexuality: “First, I used to be straight, I’ve had a girlfriend. Then, I became bisexual and now I’m gay.”

“I know that I have a very thick dick and it could be painful so I always like to start slowly, and then when everything is going good I could go faster.”

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A Very Well-Endowed Hottie Kody From SeanCody

Meet the new model at SeanCody – a 28-year old Kody who is an absolute hottie! Not only is he an all-around nice guy with a big, uncut dick, but he also has a kinky secret… he likes to masturbate in public! He looks innocent, but his wild side comes out every so often to take the reins!

‘I realised when I was about 16 that I’ve had a pretty good sized dick.’

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SeanCody Gideon Brought His Own Toy

SeanCody latest model Gideon had no problem playing with himself on camera… so much so that he brought his own toy to enhance the pleasure factor. “I’ve had it for quite some time…I use it all the time.” You can tell he really enjoys having something up his butt!

We have a feeling Gideon will be a great bottom.

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