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SeanCody’s Hot New Jock Marty

The latest SeanCody jock Marty is a confident guy who isn’t afraid to explore new things in life. When he realized fooling around with guys could be fun, he did it without hesitation. “Who doesn’t love dick? I mean, big dicks, small dicks…dicks are wonderful.” Gotta love his love for dick, that’s for sure!

“Who doesn’t love dick? I mean, big dicks, small dicks…dicks are wonderful.”

Marty couldn’t wait to pound some ass on camera, so he’s back already, and with Joe ready with his ass for the taking!
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Sexy Jock Koby From SeanCody

SeanCody‘s latest model Koby is all smiles. He’s very charming stud with great body and nice dick, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye. At first glance, he seems innocent, but he’s a true exhibitionist. He likes to send his friends his sex videos just to show off his goods. He’s certainly proud, as he should be!

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SeanCody’s Hot New Jock Ruben

sean cody ruben xxx sexy model jerk-off naked The latest jock at SeanCody Ruben is a sexy hot beast who unlike many other SeanCody guys is openly gay from the very beginning of his career. But don’t let his innocent look fool you, he’s a wild sexual beast who loves to fuck really hard.

“I’m a very dominant person…I definitely do not make love, I definitely fuck.”

sean cody sexy jock ruben jerk-off
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SeanCody’s Muscle Jock Avery

With Avery, SeanCody returns to their roots when they featured muscular college jocks in their early twenties. Avery is a self-proclaimed “average, all-American jock”, with a great body and friendly personality. He’s into all kinds of sports, and that body of his certainly is a result of that…definitely anything but average!

“I did hear from my roommate before that cumming with a dick in your ass is better than ever, so I’m gonna have to try that!”

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SeanCody’s Lorenzo Is Very Sexual

The latest guy at SeanCody is a hottie Lorenzo. He’s Italian, knows what he wants, and sticks to his guns no matter what. Speaking of guns, he likes bodybuilding, which comes as no surprise just looking at that body of his. He’s very sexual and he loves talking about it.

“Yes, Italians are very sexual…I’d say 100% of me is sexual.”

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SeanCody’s Muscle Stud Dougie

Dougie is one of the most muscular models SeanCody has ever premiered. It’s no surprise that he’s taking bodybuilding really serious. He’s hitting the gym 7 days a week. But do not expect some boring muscle man. Dougie is a horny beast who came to SeanCody willingly to show you how good fucker is he! Be sure to not miss his xxx debut.

“I’m here because I heard that Sean Cody is looking for a few good tops!”

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