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Tattoed Czech Jock Slavek Nerad From WilliamHiggins

Wow, just wow. WilliamHiggins‘s latest Czech stud Slavek Nerad is surely not a boyfriend type, but he’s exactly the type of a bad boy who we would want to spend one night with. Slavek is aged 20 and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. This handsome well-built straight guy works in a warehouse and enjoys sports, cycling and fitness.

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Cenda Nezval From WilliamHiggins

WilliamHiggins latest stud has a pretty weird name. Cenda Nezval is 21 from Czech Republic and could be classified as a muscular ripped twink. He’s 5’11” (182cm) tall, weights 151.8lb (69kg) and got 6.69″ (17cm) down there.

Cenda has a look of a typical Czech guy at the age of 20.

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The Classic Bodybuilder Physique Of Peter Lipnik

peter_lipnik-williamhiggins-czech WilliamHiggins latest stud Peter Lipnik is from Prague, Czech Republic. This handsome 18 year old straight guy is a student who enjoys sports and bodybuilding. Peter might be just 18 years old, but he’s already got a killer body. He has that classic Arnold’s physique.

Peter has that classic physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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If Shrek Would Have Hot Brother He Would Be Viktor Adam

WilliamHiggins> latest bodybuilder is freakingly huge for his age. Viktor Adam is aged 18 and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He’s 6’2″ (188 cm) tall and weights 231 lb (105 kg). But these are not the only impressive measures. He’s also got a pretty big 7.09″ (18 cm) uncut dick. This handsome, well built guy is a student who enjoys sports and bodybuilding. Quite obviously.

If Shrek would have hot brother, he would be Viktor.

muscle gay shrek
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Stunning Czech Stud Michal Lenor From WilliamHiggins

michal_lenor-czech-williamhiggins Shaved head, thick ginger beard, piercing green eyes, athletic body and big dick. Damn! WilliamHiggins just found exactly our type. He’s 24, known as Michal Lenor and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He works as a sports trainer and enjoys ice-hockey and rugby.

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