Model Saul Harris By Calvin Brockington

Man of month March at TheMaleForm is Saul Harris. This 27-year-old model and personal trainer based in Dallas, Texas is a former electrical engineer who found love in bodybuilding. He’s huge and surprisingly he maintains a Gluten-Free Paleo diet.

Guess why is his cock being called “beer-can thick”.

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Tattooed Twink Sarpa Van Rider

Normally, we are not into twinky type of guys, but there’s definitely something about BentleyRace‘s Sarpa Van Rider to change our opinion. This blond Aussie comes from the suburbs of Melbourne. He made his debut at the age of 19 and became very popular at their site. He is that irresistible mix of an attractive young blond guy with the looks of a bad boy.

Sarpa is a unique combination of a blond twink with the inked hooligan.

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Ripped Newcomer Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox is a professional dancer and occasional model (photographed by Chris Teel ) coming from Canada. Skyy was well aware of his good looks, so why not to share his hotness with the world.
And it looks like he’s quite a talent as his latest scene at with new hung daddy Manuel Skye is absolutely stunning.

“The best scene in months!”

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Kris Evans Photographed By Rick Day

Back in 2003 Kris Evans has made his debut at BelAmi BelAmi as an 18-year-old lean twink. In those 14 years Kris has grew into one of the biggest stars of BelAmi. Both in size and popularity. He’s now 32, still working with BelAmi and also competing as a bodybuilder.

BelAmi dedicated the whole month of March to their biggest star Kris Evans.

“We kick off our “Loving Kris’ special with an Art Collection’ set of photos taken for us by Rick Day. We have a special 3 part photo session with Kris and Zac starting on March 3 and continuing on the 17th and 31st and a threeway with Vadim and Jack on the 10th and 11th.”
> See Kris in action at BelAmi

Hot New Black Hunk Jason Vario

From all the new models of 2016, Jason Vario is easily our most favourite newcomer. He’s got everything – impressively huge muscles, handsome face, big dick and such a great personality.
Although he used to be known by a different name in the past, 2016 was the year of his breakthrough. His versatility in his scenes are powerful from top to bottom, and with no doubt he should be the next big star. Be sure to check him out at RagingStallion and TitanMen.

“I grew up a skinny, nerdy introvert so what better way to break out from your shell in a big way than do porn!”

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