LukasKazan’s Italian Stallion Marco

Newbies are often camera-shy. They may get their cocks hard, but seldom answer questions with anything more than a syllable or two. NOT LucasKazan‘s Marco, who kept talking and talking through his solo. He’s from Naples and Neapolitans are known to be… extroverted.
He’s 21, he’s hung, he’s a sex pig and loves the camera…

“Let’s say I’m not a perfect boyfriend, but I might be a perfect lover.”

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Model Kingsley Bares All For DylanRosser

You know what they say, big nose big hose. The idea that a mans nose is proportional to the size of his penis – therefore men with big noses are assumed to have big hoses. DylanRosser‘s latest model Kingsley proves that the formula might be right as he’s got a really big dick himself. See for yourself at TheMaleForm.

You know what they say, big nose big hose.

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Fernando Del Rio From PrideStudios

If beards, a lot of body hair, perfect bubble-butt and latin blood is what you find attractive in a man, Fernando Del Rio might be exactly your type. See him in action at PrideStudios or RagingStallion.

The more Fernando let his beard grow, the more we like him.

> See Fernando in action at PrideStudios

Czech Stud Kamil Banek From WilliamHiggins

24 year-old Czech stud Kamil Banek is the latest addition to WilliamHiggins. Kamil comes from Prague, Czech Republic, he’s 5’6″ (169cm) tall, weights 62kg and he doesn’t lie about the size of his dick – a very realistic 6.3″ (16cm). He plays soccer and is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo :) .

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