Muscular Hunk Shaw Is A Huge Success For SeanCody

When Shaw made his debut at SeanCody few months ago, it was immediately clear that he’ll be one of the hottest models that has ever appeared here. But we were little worried how will he perform – as many hot guys bombed before when they were paired with another guy. Luckily, all these fears were not fulfilled. Shaw proved to be a solid performer who’s willing to push his limits with every scene.

Shaw proved not to be only one of the best looking models ever, but also a solid performer.

seancody-shaw-gif Shaw happens to be a real success for SeanCody as he’s driving many new and even former subscribers to the site.
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RandyBlue’s Sexy Venezuelan Daddy Alex Torres

Alex Torres is a beefy hunky Venezuelan muscled daddy with a hot body and an even hotter dick. He also happens to the boyfriend of Randy Blue gay porn star Andres Moreno and lucky for us Andres had convinced his boyfriend to give a porn the try.

These two are real life boyfriends, that means real chemistry no acting.

boyfriends-alex-torres-and-andres-moreno These two guys are real life boyfriends who love sex and porn, so why not give it a try together? This scene guarantees, that the chemistry between these two is real and not acted.
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The Cuban Porn Legend Rafael Carreras

Lucasentertainment-Rafael_Carreras Cuban’s hottest export a LucasEntertainment exclusive Rafael Carreras is a true porn legend and not just for his mega-hung cock. His first appearance dates back to 2004! 12 years in porn and there’s no sing of him stopping. But Rafael didn’t wasted his hard earned money through his career. He had wisely invested them into his own bar and restaurant in Ibiza, where he currently resides.

The craziest place Rafael has ever had sex was on a crowded beach where people were surrounding him as he fucked his buddy.

Rafael_Carreras_xxx Rafael is currently a LucasEntertainment exclusive with almost 50 scenes under his name.
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ActiveDuty’s Ripped Cadet Trey

ActiveDuty‘s latest 25-year-old cadet might be lean, but he’s muscled and really ripped. You won’t be surprised that Trey is a personal trainer and practically lives in the gym. And wait till you see him in action! Trey surely isn’t afraid to let his wild side come out.

Trey isn’t afraid to let his wild side come out.

active_duty-trey-gay-soldier This guy is full of surprises, he has a tattoo on his dick and wants you to see it. It might be seen in the trailer at ActiveDuty.
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Spanish Bodybuilder CarlosF By Gert Kist

CarlosF-malemodelnl-gert-kist Dutch photographer and an owner of the site Gert Kist undresses a really hot Spanish model CarlosF. He is a bodybuilder and works as personal trainer. Carlos knows as no other what it takes to reach physical perfection. Not only a touch workout routine, but – certainly not the least – also a strict diet.

Carlos understands that his body is his work, so he takes the best care of it possible.

carlosf-malemodel-gertkist To stay in his perfect shape, Carlos follows a very disciplined diet that pretty much seems to control his days. For many probably an impossible task, but not for Carlos. He starts off with a breakfast of 8 eggs, 1 complete and 7 without yolk. After that he will eat every 2 or 3 hours: rice and vegetable, sometimes steak, sometimes tuna. And a lot of grilled chicken. His body is his work, so he takes good care of it so he can proudly display it.
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ChaosMen Desi Looks Like He Just Came From MTV’s Jersey Shore

If it will be 2009, we’re pretty sure ChaosMen‘s latest model Desi will be a part of MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show. But the show is over and the 23 year old guido has a huge appetite for fame. We’re glad he chose a porn to fulfil his inner needs.

Desi will show you what was happening when the MTV’s Jersey Shore’s lights went out.

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