LegendMen’s Gentle Giant Buck Andrews

legendmen-buck-andrews LegendMen features a lot of hot huge muscular guys, but Buck Andrews is massive even at their standards. He’s 5’11” (180cm) tall and packs 265 pounds (120 kg) of pure muscles. But don’t get fooled by his looks. This guy is always smiling, he’s a gentle giant.
P.S.: In the end of his video he promises that he’ll return for more!

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The Piercing Eyes Of WilliamHiggins Kolja Muskanec

WilliamHiggins-Kolja_Muskanec Kolja Muskanec is a 26 year old straight guy from Brno, Czech Republic. He is a bartender who enjoys sports, jogging and soccer. He’s all-around good-looking guy with a thick dick. But what really get everyones attention is his piercing green-blue eyes. Such a great find for WilliamHiggins.

Kolja has a superpower – He can win your heart just by looking at you.

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RandyBlue’s Popular Redhead Max London Returns!

realitydudes-max-london This muscular redhead Max London used to be RandyBlue‘s biggest star and pretty high on our wishlist of models we want to see back. Thankfully the brand new mega-site RealityDudes rediscovers this hot stud and delivers him looking hotter then ever.

Incredibly sexy from head to toe, Max’s handsome fancy and outgoing personality are enough to snag your interest.

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For Paddy O’Brian Porn Is His Job And He Wants To Be The Best At It

paddy-obrian MEN.com exclusive model Paddy O’Brian is not like other gay-for-pays out there. Paddy understands that porn is his job and he wants to be the best at it.

Everything I do is my choice. There’s an actor, porn star, someone doing it for fun, or because they wanna sleep with that person. I do it because I have a passion for every aspect of it–the filming, the acting– I approach it wanting to give my all. I love pleasing people and making people happy. If you’re gonna do a job, do it properly. We are all actors that perform. I personally just like being naughty and fucking that camera. I always think about my fans and what they want.

“I love pleasing people and making people happy. I always think about my fans and what they want.”

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Flex Is The New Black (Model At NextDoor)

nextdoor-flex-black-muscle His name says it all. NextDoor‘s latest black model Flex spends a lot of time in the gym flexing every muscle of his body. But not just that. Flex is the total package: the gorgeous smile, the impeccably built physique, and of course, the coup d’etat, that incredibly large cock! We want more!

Flex is the total package: the gorgeous smile, the impeccably built physique, and of course, the coup d’etat, that incredibly large cock!

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Czech Muscle Stud Milos Zambo

milos-zambo-malereality Milos Zambo is a hot Czech muscular stud, who has grew into massive width in front of our eyes. The camera loves Milos, and Milos loves being filmed and admired. Further adding to his charm is the fact that Milos is always polite and displays impeccable manners. You can see Milos in action at KristenBjorn or MaleReality.

Muscular overload.

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The Deep Voice Of CorbinFisher Weston

corbinfisher-weston Dark features, innocent face, captivating eyes, deep voice, fury chest – Weston came to Corbin Fisher to show all that off – and a bit more! He proves, that Corbin doesn’t force their models to act straight as Weston is openly gay. Along with his nice personality, Weston has already won our heart.

Weston is one of very few openly gay models at Corbin Fisher.

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