Model Josh Hamlett Bares All For TheMaleForm

Model Josh Hamlett has been teasing us with a series of sexy semi-revealing images for many years. Thanks to photographer Calvin Brockington and Dylan Rosser’s site TheMaleForm we can peek what is he hiding in his underwear. And damn! He’s nothing to be ashamed for! He’s a very well endowed guy!

Josh has been teasing us for years. But the wait was worth it.

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Shake It Off GayHoopla’s Taylor Shift

The latest hunk at GayHoopla is 22 year old Taylor Shift from South California. He’s a really hunky athletic type with that perfect American smile and impressive dick. All we want from him is to ‘Shake it off, shake it off’.

It’s clearly where’s the inspiration for his name going from. But the mystery remains, why?

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What’s Up With Cody Cummings?

Remember the gay-for-pay legend Cody Cummings? Of course you do… Thanks to his attitude, Cody used to be the most polarising model of all times with millions of fans, but even more haters. He was very stubborn and pretty much just teased us all these years. But that doesn’t change the fact, that he is still one of the best looking guy who has ever appeared in porn.
Cody used to be active during 2007-2013 on his own dedicated site with a short comeback in 2015.

But what’s with Cody now?

Cody is now 40, working as a photographer and occasionally still modelling. He is now also known as Kevin Lengyel, which is his real name. Unlike us humans, Cody doesn’t have any upside downs in matter of look and shape. So it’s not surprising that even if he hit 40 last year, he’s still looking absolutely stunning and in-shape.
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If Shrek Would Have Hot Brother He Would Be Viktor Adam

WilliamHiggins latest bodybuilder is freakingly huge for his age. Viktor Adam is aged 18 and lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He’s 6’2″ (188 cm) tall and weights 231 lb (105 kg). But these are not the only impressive measures. He’s also got a pretty big 7.09″ (18 cm) uncut dick. This handsome, well built guy is a student who enjoys sports and bodybuilding. Quite obviously.

If Shrek would have hot brother, he would be Viktor.

muscle gay shrek
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A Hot New Ginger Jack Vidra From RagingStallion

Hot New Ginger Jack Vidra If you are into gingers Jack Vidra must be your type. He’s ginger hair, thick ginger beard, porcelain skin, muscular body covered all in freckles and pretty big dick. He’s the latest exclusive at RagingStallion.

Be careful, this ginger might steal your soul!

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Hot Santa Hennie Kerst From

Christmas might be over now, but thanks to this hot Santa Hennie Kerst we would love to relive them once again. Hennie is a hot, young 21-year old fitness trainer who strips off his red-and-white candy striped socks and ES Collection underwear for a sizzling photoset. Check out his scrumptious rump, beefy body and perfect bubble-butt! He’s being photographed by Gert Kist for his site.

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