Mark Long Bottoms For The First Time

In every GOOD “gay-for-pay” porn stars career must come a moment when he has to bend down and bottom. NextDoor‘s exclusive Mark Long is extremely well-endowed, so we prefer him in his natural top role, but it’s a nice change to see him bottoming for the first time.

In every GOOD gay-for-pay porn stars career comes a moment where he has to bottom.

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Sebastian Kross In His Best Scene Yet

Ever since we’ve seen Sebastian Kross for the first time, we’ve instantly felt in love with this jock. Handsome face, smooth ripped body, big dick – it’s just impossible not to love this guy – even the camera loves him. Actually they are both in love as Sebastian is clearly enjoying his newfound fame.
Sebastians XXX work could be found at HotHouse, Falcon and RagingStallion.

This is easily Sebastian’s best scene yet!

Derek-Bolt-Sebastian-Kross-falcon-studios Falcon paired Sebastian with a brand new muscular model Derek Bolt and oh boy, a new star is born! These guys are a perfect match. IT’S A MUST SEE SCENE!
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CorbinFisher Nicholas Is About To Get Engineering Degree But He Choses Porn

corbinfisher-nicholas Corbin Fisher‘s latest model Nicholas got everything to become a successful young man. Aside from his handsome appearance, stunning body, nice personality, big thick dick, he is also blessed with intelligence. Nicholas knows a handful of languages and he’s close to getting his engineering degree. He has job offers lined up. So what guides a guy like this into porn? It’s simple, he wants the fun and experience.

Nicholas is close to getting his engineering degree and has job offers lined up. But he chose porn, why? It’s simple, he wants the experience.

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Brazilian Bodybuilder Carlos From LucasKazan

During 90-ties LukasKazan used to be a mark of quality – a studio where the top quality films were made with mostly Italian men. But Italians are no longer exotic, so the studio is looking also towards Brazilians as they are one of the best looking nations.
Their latest model is Carlos – a 21-year-old hot bodybuilder from Rio de Janeiro who despite his young age has impressively muscular body. He’s cocky and confident, but very polite and surprisingly little shy.

Carlo’s friendly smile and his polite manners speak louder than his “action hero” pecs.

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Every Straight Guy Has His Price, Even Sean a.k.a. Shawn Reeve

realitydudes-sean Well, you know it’s a classic story that never gets old. A hot straight guy walks alone in the fields and another one stops him and offers him a huge sum of money if he’s willing to… The question is not if – but how much, because every straight guy has his price. And Sean is not different. We’re pretty sure that Sean liked it and will appear in many more scenes at the brand new site RealityDudes.

The question is not if – but how much, because every straight guy has his price.

Myfriendsfeet-Shawn-Reeve-collegedudes But this blue-eyed hunk is not really new into porn, he already has some experience as Shawn Reeve at CollegeDudes or for foot-fetish lovers MyFriendsFeet.
> See the scene at RealityDudes

Yes, We’re Totally Obsessed With Arad Winwin

The last time we posted about this hot Iranian bodybuilder Arad Winwin, one of our readers pointed out that we’re posting about him way too often. And damn, he was totally right, we’re obsessed with this hot NextDoor exclusive and it looks like we’re not the only ones as he’s getting very popular at the site. Our only wish is to see him bottoming soon.

One of our readers accused us of being obsessed with Arad and we admit, we’re totally obsessed with this Iranian bodybuilder.

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LucasEntertainment Bets Heavy On Russian Models With Stas Landon

Stas_Landon-lucasentertainment-russian-gay-porn-star LucasEntertainment is heavily betting on Russian models this year and we think successfully. Ukranian born Stas Landon who’s currently living in Moscow, Russia, is a really hot newcomer who’s instantly becoming very popular.

You can see every pore in Stas skin in these 6K ultra-high-definition images.


LucasEntertainment is heavily betting on Russian models this year.

Sergeant_Miles_Stas_Landon LucasEntertainment teamed hot porn(‘n’ military) veteran Sergeant Miles and a hot new blood Stas Landon for his latest exterior scene. And it’s a must-see!
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