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Detattoing Of… Chris Bines

chris_bines-detattoing-5 Chris Bines started out back in 2009 at Randy Blue as young clean stud. Over the years, he’s grown into one sexy handsome beast, but also covered himself with a lot of ink. So, how would he look now without all these tattoos? Let’s find out! chris_bines-tattoo_removal-step-by-step chris_bines-tattoo_removal chris_bines-tattoo_photoshop_removal

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Tattoos or not, nothing changes the fact that he is an amazing performer always delivering intense, award-worthy performances every time he’s on set.

Currently, he’s shooting for Falcon and RagingStallion.

Chris Bines Is A Powerhouse Performer

chris_bines-falconstudios Chris Bines has long been a Falcon favorite, and last year we finally added him to their roster of A-Team Exclusives! This ripped, tattooed hunk is a powerhouse performer who brings dynamic, multifaceted sex appeal to each and every scene. He has a masculine beard, thick arms, beefy legs, and broad pecs topped with plump, pink nipples.

Chris delivers intense, award-worthy performances every time he’s on set.

Thanks to Chris’ versatility, he frequently appears across all three Falcon, RagingStallion and HotHouse, wielding his mouth-watering 8” cock as a top and giving up his exceptional ass as a power bottom.
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Question: Is Chris Bines Tattoo Hot or Not?

chris-bines_tattoo_removal chris-bines_porn-star chris-bines-chest-tattoo-removal chris_bines_no-tattoo Tattoos are always a controversial issue here. While we have nothing against well-done tattoos, Chris Bines chest tattoo is a bit controversial. So, let’s imagine how would he look like without his signature *HOPE* tattoo.
How do you like Chris more? With his tattoo or without?
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