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Adam Coussins Photoraphed By JBDI

adam-coussins-jon-sanders-jbdi-model Somehow, British men are being considered as less attractive compared to the rest of EU. Bullshit! Just take a look at the 28-year-old Mr. Adam Coussins. He’s been gifted with beautiful photogenic face and all-around good genes. Combine that with a lot of hard work in the gym, nice personality and you get an almost irresistible young man. No wonder he’s one of the most popular ‘nude models’ out there. He is the very definition of eye candy.

Bringing beauty since 2009.

But if Adam isn’t nude enough for you, be sure to check him in his older videos at EnglishLads or MenAtPlay or see our category.

Incredibly Handsome Adam Coussins by Karl Royce

adam-coussins-male-model- It’s been a while since we last featured British hunk Adam Coussins aka Jon Saunders. His first nude appearance could be dated back into 2009, where he’s become an instant overnight success. Soon, everyone wanted to work with him, including British porn sites EnglishLads, UkNakedMen, but also many modeling photographers. This photoshoot by Karl Royce is not the newest, but you might not have seen it before. And he’s still hot! :) But Adam is not ‘just a pretty face’, he’s actually a very down-to-earth guy.


If you are wondering what’s he doing now, he’s still modelling. He is focused more on underwear shots, less on nude these days. adam-coussins-model-2015