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[A Dozen GIFs Of…] SpunkWorthy Leon Takes A Shower

spunkworthy-leon-model Leon from SpunkWorthy is a very handsome muscular young man. He’s only 24 and already looks like a professional athlete. He’s just out of the military, and now wants to devote himself to athletic training. He’s proud of his body and very open-minded, so he has no problem showing it.
In these gifs Leon takes us behind the scenes of his photoshoot while he’s taking a shower.

[GIFs] A Dozen Gifs Of… Leon From SpunkWorthy

spunkworthy-leon-gif It was a pleasent surprise to see former SeanCody model Leon back after 5 year hiatus. He was working hard on his already great body and brought his physique to almost physical perfection. See for yourself in these moving images from his solo video at SpunkWorthy.

SeanCody’s Kennan Returns After 5-Year Break As Leon At SpunkWorthy

spunkworthy_leon-seancody_kennanSeanCody studio became legendary for their very high standards when picking their models. They are focused at straight good-looking guys around the age of 20. The studio is very youth oriented. But as these guys gets older, they mostly lose their charm. So what can 5 years do to a regular SeanCody model? Surprisingly, Kennan (now Leon) has never looked better!

So what can 5 years do to a regular SeanCody model? Surprisingly, Kennan (now Leon) has never been hotter!

before-seancody_kennan-after-spunkworthy_leonHe had a solo released by SeanCody in 2011 at the age of 20 as Kennan, now he’s back as Leon at SpunkWorthy. At the age of 25 he’s never looked better. His body transformed from unproportionally huge into really well defined triangle with dominant pecs and ripped abs.
Leon’s return has an interesting backstory. “There’s a bit of a backstory to Leon and how he found his way in front of the camera (again). He had done a shoot for another website a few years back and kind of forgot about porn until his cousin recently brought it up, asking about a way that he could make some money. Apparently, that re-sparked Leon’s interest, so they both decided to send in applications. (You’ll be meeting his cousin on the site, soon.)
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