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Malachi Marx Returns To RandyBlue

malachi-marx-xxx-randyblue Malachi Marx used to be amongst the most popular guys at RandyBlue for his hot looks, good performances and big dick… but also, one of the most hated, especially for his hateful opinions on porn with his frequent on & offs. Last time he was leaving porn, he was very vocal that he will never return back…
Five years gone and shockingly, he’s back! Once again. But not for nothing, it’s the first time we can see him bareback. Despite his claims that he is purely gay-for-pay, it is as if this box had been closed on him for five years and now that he opened it, all of his pent up passions flew out. His latest scene with Randy Dixon is just perfect and Malachi gives a performance of his life! malachi-marx_randy-dixon-rb
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