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Marcel Hans Rodriguez Returns To ParagonMen? Or Not?

marcel-hans-rodriguez-paragonmen-june-2016 ParagonMen has digged deeply into their archives and found some previously unreleased footage of their biggest star yet – Marcel Hans Rodriguez. He appears to be much younger and even most of his recently acquired tattoos are missing.

It must be outtakes from some older photoshoot as Marcel appears to be younger and missing most of his recent tattoos.

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Marcel ‘Hans’ Rodriguez in the Shower

Male nude model Marcel Hans Rodriguez by ParagonMen We’re obsessed with Marcel ‘Hans’ Rodriguez and so are the guys at ParagonMen. Actually, the whole internet is obsessed with Marcel! :) But once we thought Marcel couldn’t get any hotter, ParagonMen released this sun-filled photo shoot and proved us, we we’re wrong.

Marcel Hans returns to ParagonMen

marcel hans rodriguez paragonmen Popular fitness model and winner of the 2011 Paragon Man of the Year returns to Paragon Men for their February spread. Even after that many years, he’s still one of the most beautiful guys we’ve ever seen, but were all the tattoos necessary Marcel? :/
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