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Marcus Mojo Is Now Landon Mycles At MEN.com


Marcus Mojo made his debut back in 2008 as a really good looking buff 18 years old jock who wanted to break into the porn industry. And he quickly made it to the absolute top .. as a bottom. The studio recognised the potential of this blue-eyed hunk and gave him his own personal site MarcusMojo.com – where he was active from 2008 – 2011. Then he took a break.

Landon had his career peak from 2008-2011 with his own personal site MarcusMojo.com.

marcus-mojo-landon-mycles 2015 was the year of his comeback. A few pounds heavier and with a new name Landon Mycles (for legal reasons) he earned him a MEN.com exclusivity.
> See Landon in action at MEN.com