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Paddy O’Brian Is Proud Of His Work

There are guys who are ashamed of their porn work and guys who are proud of it. British legend Paddy O’Brian is one of the proud ones. His MEN.com scenes brought him a lot of popularity and he’s clearly enjoying it. In his private life Paddy is a nice down-to-earth guy, but the moment the cameras turns on, his inner beast wakes up.

“Dirty minds make good porn and I was born dirty”

> Watch Paddy in action at MEN.com

For Paddy O’Brian Porn Is His Job And He Wants To Be The Best At It

paddy-obrian MEN.com exclusive model Paddy O’Brian is not like other gay-for-pays out there. Paddy understands that porn is his job and he wants to be the best at it.

Everything I do is my choice. There’s an actor, porn star, someone doing it for fun, or because they wanna sleep with that person. I do it because I have a passion for every aspect of it–the filming, the acting– I approach it wanting to give my all. I love pleasing people and making people happy. If you’re gonna do a job, do it properly. We are all actors that perform. I personally just like being naughty and fucking that camera. I always think about my fans and what they want.

“I love pleasing people and making people happy. I always think about my fans and what they want.”

> See Paddy in action at MEN.com

The Studio Let Paddy O’Brian Rest For 6 Months

paddy-obrian-the-walking-dead-gay-porn Hella hot British porn star legend Paddy O’Brian did an unprecedented 70 scenes under his MEN.com exclusive contract… But the studio realized, that even their most popular model could get overexposed. So they let him rest for 6 months without releasing any scene before bringing him back for their Star Wars XXX Parody. So that number will continue to grow, there’s no sign of stopping him.

Paddy might be gay-for-pay, but he can pull better show then most of his gay colleagues.

> See Paddy in more than 70 scenes at MEN.com

Paddy O’Brian – From Top To Bottom

gay porn star Paddy O'Brian bottoms for Topher DiMaggio at Men.com Paddy O’Brian started out as an underwear model and ended up being worldwide renown gay porn star. With ‘From Top To Bottom’ we didn’t mean any career downturn, actually the opposite, not long ago Paddy signed an exclu$ive contract with Men.com studio. We meant his latest scene, where he finally bottoms for the very first time for Topher DiMaggio. Unlike many others “gay-for-pays”, Paddy has been always popular for his wild performances and it’s good to see, he’s willing to push his limits.
The long awaited scene is now finally available at Men.com