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The Versatile Side Of Quentin Gainz

Normally we are used to see Quentin Gainz in a submissive role in which we love him. But in his private life, Quentin is very versatile. In his latest NextDoorStudios scene he takes the control over the newcomer Kayden and proves that he can top as well.

Detattoing of… Quentin Gainz

quentin_gainz-nextdoor-modelFormer ActiveDuty cadet Quentin Gainz is NextDoorRAW‘s biggest treasure right now. He’s young, polite, has beautiful athletic body and gorgeous boyish face with freckles. But as he’s getting older, he’s covering all that beauty with more and more tattoos. And to be honest, some of them are really hideous. So how would he look like without all these tattoos? Let’s find out!

So, let the magic happen!


Do not blink!


Well, at least all his tattoos are spelt right.


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> Watch Quentin in action at NextDoorRAW

Quentin Gainz Could Be Perfect If…

quentin-gainz-nextdoorraw-model NextDoorRAW & ActiveDuty exclusive model Quentin Gainz could be a definition of a perfection. We only wish that he didn’t have all those tattoos, but he’s really hot nevertheless. If we could only see him once without all that ink… Nonevertheless he’s got a great body and an ass that is just made for a nice dick.

If we could only see him once without all that ink…

> Watch Quentin in action at NextDoorRAW

Quentin Gainz Has No Problem Taking Giant Cock

quentin-gainz-model-nextdoor Quentin Gainz made his debut at ActiveDuty about a year ago and while he was a really hot guy, his performances were mild and boring. Thankfully a lot has changed since then. In his latest scene, Quentin has no problem taking enormous dick of Mark Long at NextDoor like a pro. And bareback.

Quentin has no problem taking Mark’s enormous dick.

> See Quentin in action at NextDoor

Quentin Gainz Is Growing As a Performer

quentin-gainz-nextdoor-solo Quentin Gainz has became our favourite model here at WeLoveNudes. He’s really good looking guy with shy smile, perfect body and that bubble-butt. But just like many other hot guys, Quentin has been quite a boring performer… well, until now. He’s not growing only into size, but also as a performer as it’s the first time we can see him at NextDoor being pounded pretty hard. Keep going Quentin!

Quentin is getting pounded pretty hard in his latest scene.


Quentin also got a brand new “Tomorrow is Never Promised” tattoo on his chest.

> See Quentin in action at NextDoor

ActiveDuty’s Marine Quentin Gainz Joins NextDoorStudios

quentin-nextdoor-model-xxx When we saw Quentin Gainz first time at ActiveDuty, it was a love at first sight. Quentin is that handsome young type of guy who’s nicely shy at camera and that’s incredibly hot. Quentin has recently made a transition to NextDoorStudios where they paired him with another muscular jock Markie More. markie-more-quentin-gainz-nextdoor
> See Quentin in action at NextDoorStudios