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Stas Landon – From a Banker To a Pornstar

stas_landon-lucasentertainment-exclusive-model Stas Landon was born 8 October 1984 in Luhansk, Ukraine. Year ago, you could met him working in a bank in Moscow, Russia being well-dressed in a suit. But Stas had another dream. Being a longtime fan of LucasEntertainment, he sent them a couple of his pictures and you can easily guess their reaction… :)
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LucasEntertainment’s Latest Exclusive Stas Landon Photographed By Stanly

stas-landon-photography-stanly Ukranian born model Stas Landon was LucasEntertainment‘s biggest discovery of 2016 yet. His beauty is attracting many photographers – Moscow based Stanly was among them. The best of all, Stas proved to be not just a good looking statue, but also a great performer.

While Stas might be a Moscow-based banker by day, he’s not shy about stripping away his clothes and showing off his incredible physique when the workday is over.

> See Stas in action at LucasEntertainment

LucasEntertainment Bets Heavy On Russian Models With Stas Landon

Stas_Landon-lucasentertainment-russian-gay-porn-star LucasEntertainment is heavily betting on Russian models this year and we think successfully. Ukranian born Stas Landon who’s currently living in Moscow, Russia, is a really hot newcomer who’s instantly becoming very popular.

You can see every pore in Stas skin in these 6K ultra-high-definition images.


LucasEntertainment is heavily betting on Russian models this year.

Sergeant_Miles_Stas_Landon LucasEntertainment teamed hot porn(‘n’ military) veteran Sergeant Miles and a hot new blood Stas Landon for his latest exterior scene. And it’s a must-see!
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The New LucasEntertainment Exclusive Stas Landon

Stas_Landon-LucasEntertainment-model Where does the head of LucasEntertainment Michael Lucas finds all these hot guys?! The beefcake Stas Landon is all muscle with a beautiful face and a thick hard dick that’s always ready for action. The new exclusive is a native of the Ukraine and currently lives in Moscow where he works in banking. But don’t be mistaken: Stas Landon isn’t shy about removing his clothes to show off his all-star physique, which will leave you wanting much more as soon as you see it.

So what convinces a hot guy hot like Stas to do gay porn? You have to be a true exhibitionist who loves being watched having sex.

Adam_Kilian_Stas_Landon-lucasentertainment Stas has the heart of an exhibitionist: he loves modeling for the camera, and having people watch him while he’s having sex is a major turn-on. So taking a shot at performing in the gay porn industry was a natural first step, and LucasEntertainment is the studio he’s chosen to make that debut with.
> See Stas in action at LucasEntertainment