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Topher Dimaggio Plays Superman in Batman Vs. Superman XXX Parody

The long awaited clash of two legendary superheroes Batman V Superman hit the cinemas with big bang so it’s no surprise that MEN.com studio is pulling along on the wave of success with their own XXX parody. And they casted two porn legends against each other, Superman being played by Topher DiMaggio and Batman by Trenton Ducati.

Ever wondered what is Superman hiding under his cape?

batman-vs-superman-xxx-gay-porn-parody-topher-dimaggio-trenton-ducati For years fans speculated over Batman’s orientation. So it’s no surprise when he sees the handsome muscular Superman in his tight suit he’s a bit jealous at first, but then…
> See Batman X Superman at MEN.com

Topher Dimaggio

Topher Dimaggio dominic_ford You may have heard about Dominic Ford‘s project “So You Think You Can Fuck” a first-ever gay porn reality show leading to the discovery of the next big porn star. As every other Ford’s movie, it’s filmed completely in 3D. [Spoiler alert!] :) Winner of the season one is Topher Dimaggio, with his most creative scene. Mr. Topher, You Really Can Fuck!