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Trenton Ducati Used To Be A Real Cowboy

Trenton-Ducati-xxx-solo Trenton Ducati was born in Houston, Texas and he used to be a true cowboy! This guy has done ranch work, kept horses and was once a professional bull rider! Trenton has since switched his obsession from bull riding to motorcycles and weight lifting. And the weight lifting obsession sure has paid off as he’s 6’1” tall and 220lbs of stacked muscle and finally led him to what he loves the most – porn!

Trenton used to be a real cowboy riding bulls. And it was a good training for his future profession. Riding dudes.

trenton-ducati-gif-solo-xxx-gayTrenton has a very lenghty list of studios he has worked with. Naming just a few of them, HighPerformenceMen, HotHouse, TitanMen, LucasEntertainment, his best scenes could be found at RagingStallion , while his latest scenes at MEN.com.

Dean Flynn & Trenton Ducati

Two former TitanMen exclusive models Trenton Ducati and Dean Flynn teams up for the latest HotHouse scene. Hunky Dean made his name with Titan after being signed as exclusive in 2006 and quickly became one of the studio’s top stars..until 2010. After 2 year hiatus he’s back and contract-free!

Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati at HotHouse Meet Trenton Ducati, a 33 year old muscle stud from Houston, Texas. Trenton used to be a true cowboy, he kept horses, rode bulls and team roped. Bull riding became a career beginning as a high school obsession and ending as a profession. He loves motorcycles (hence the Ducati moniker) and weight lifting.
Trenton has recently signed an exclusive multi-year contract with TitanMen.