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    • There is a good book called ‘foreskin’ on the history of circumcision. For foreskin fever see GayArtz.blog. For new gay books read THE HELLESPONT and MAGIC LOBSTERS AND FLYING TAGINES…

  1. I’ll take uncut anytime, as I am myself uncut. There is so much you can do with uncut dick, and they are definitely more sensitive tha a cut cock. How sexy is it to dock with a guy who has a generous foreskin!

    • Cut is actually LESS healthy! The bacteria-fighting membrane is lost and the skin hardens after a circumcision leaving the penis more susceptible to UTIs and the like. (But Doctors who make a bomb for a very simple, and quick procedure aren’t going to tell you that … are they?)

  2. There is nothing like putting a cut dick in your mouth and feeling the marshmallow softness by swirling your tongue around his cockhead. Delicious!

  3. cut uncut dicks are ugly and the guys with uncut dicks are all gays uncuts dicks have smegma and they smell cut dicks all the way fucktards and it not multilating you dumb fucks uncut fucks

  4. cut definitely uncut smells and they taste nasty unless you want aids :Pit has been proven that uncut dicks natural skins of shit can cause smegma cut guys dont have hygienic problems idiots and its not mutilation unless an organ is missing dumb guys uncuts disgusting you fucks

  5. Uncut – I have always admired guys who have uncut cocks like mine. Foreskin is so fun to play with and there are so many things you can do with it.

  6. Just this week a segment on the news about all males should be circumcised, due to health issues with uncircumcised….this was announced by a group of pediatrician’s…..of course, they want to do circumcisions….more $$$$$ in their pockets, so to their advantage. I just hope they won’t put fear into and scare parents into having their son’s cut. We were born with the foreskin and it should remain INTACT and not be mutilated by some doctor!

    • Daxton…you should keep your ‘mutilated’ comments to yourself!! These operations arent done in african mud huts using a razor blade! Ive been cut as an adult – and I would do it again – and again. Ive experienced both, you HAVEN’T!!! Being cut, I enjoy sex more. It looks sexy as fu*k, and I don’t have issues with smell 2 hours after a shower!

  7. omg daxton youre such an idiot foreskins are dirty their birthdefects they do absolutely nothing u dumb fucker. circumcision reduces the risk of HIV you idiot that dirty little piece of skin should be chewed of by your mother and yes you can call that multilation u dumbass

    • Actually foreskin is not a fucking birthdefect, it is natural and everyone has one when they are born. Also without foreskin after time your dick becomes more insensitive and it’s like your poking the woman with a broom stick. For uncut guys it is more sensual for the woman and it provides more of a cushion for them. So shut the fuck up!

  8. I have an uncut dick and I can either let it hang down like the guy on the left, or pull it back and look like the guy on the right, If I could post I’d show you!

  9. Uncut…the head is smooth and perfect…On cut cocks the head is all rough, and calloused over. plus I think in general uncut boys are cleaner because they wash it more often. cut guys just don’t think they need to and sometimes end up smelling like piss like my bf lol

  10. In fact… both are uncut !
    The one on the left keeps his foreskin pulled back (look, there is no circumcision scar and there are some wrinkles behind the head of his penis, which are the main way to know if a guy is cut or “pulled back”).
    Anyway, I prefer the covered one on the right, because I love discovering what is concealed behind this nice little skin opening, and also because despite his bizarre beard, he’s got a very handsome face…

  11. I am uncut. My foreskin cover approximately 3/4 of the head. I prefer uncut men, but it really does not matter as long as the guy attached to it is nice looking, has a ripped body and a big set of nuts. I am just telling it like it is.

  12. I am cut, wouldn’t wanna be uncut, but only get hard if the other guy is uncut.. Looove foreskin

  13. Cut. Cleaner & more hygienic, plus much more attractive and sexy. More masculine-looking and the mushroom stands out better.

  14. uncut, more like un-mutilated
    seriously, the only people that like circumcised are Americans…sorry, but the rest of the world doesn’t like ugly circumcised dicks with scars and different skin tones that are all dried up and leathery

  15. I’ve been both. I was circumcised at 19 – a decision I regret. I wanted to be like my cut buddies instead of realising that being uncut had advantages. Uncut cocks look bigger than their cut buddies. They have a little something extra to play with. They also look natural they was they were intended to look.
    But they also have disadvantages. They require a bit more work to keep clean and non smelly. They produce smegma which can stink.
    Being cut also has both advantages and disadvantages. They’re easy to keep clean, more resistant to HIV (UN WHO has a circumcision campaign in South Africa because the Zulu who have the highest incidence of HIV don’t circumcise) against loss on sensation and therefore taking longer to become aroused.
    Adult circumcision is not the same as infant circumcision. With adults they use a scalpel and sometimes do a really bad job and the dick looks ugly afterwards. Whereas infant circumcision they use a plastibel or gomco clamp which is neat and leaves the scar which usually looks good.
    However, the sensation of orgasm is the same and the satisfaction both ways is the same – DELIGHTFUL.

  16. I was circumcised at age 28.

    My preference on it is as follows:

    Image – CUT

    Maintenance – CUT

    Infections – CUT

    Stimulation/build up – UNCUT

    Climax – It doesn’t matter

    I am very happy to be cut and seldom miss being uncut.

  17. British males = Natural foreskin dicks

    American males = unnatural cut cocks… with ugly scars!!! disgusting its like a handicapped male…

  18. Fact, the majority of the world’s men are uncut. Two religions require circumcision. After that the US leads the world in non-religious circumcisions. In the mid 1960’s approximately 65% of boys born in the US were circumised. That has dropped to approximately 35%. Fact: the glans of the penis is mucous membrance. Fact: there are a lot of nerve endings in the forekin. Between the nerve endings and the scarring that occurs to the glans of the penis when it’s naturally protective foreskin is removed it is estimated that a circumcised penis is 25% less sensitive than a natural penis.

  19. Of course un-cut is better. Cut cocks look mutilated (which they are) and the scarring is so ugly. If I ,as a baby, had been cut I would now be suing my parents and doctors for sexual abuse of a child.

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