25 thoughts on “[Videoclip] Jeremy Lory

  1. Thanks for this video. I love the way that he touches his dick to get his cum. Please post more videos doing that. WE LOVE Jeremy Lory NUDE

  2. Part of me likes him, parts of me hates him. I really can’t tell why, but something annoys me in these vids. Still, I really think he looks very hot!

  3. He is definetly a natural. Gotten a little plumpier since his last video but the chap is a true showman. Love it how he waxes his long board. thank you for posting his video. Happy nutting guys :)

  4. I have to give him props for being as popular as he is. He is good looking and all that, but everywhere I go I see multiple vids,clips etc of him and to me its seems a little much. Just would like to be able to go to a tube site and not have to see everyone of his videos that I just had to sort thru at the last site I was at.

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