[Models exposed] Michael Fitt nude!

Michael Fitt nude
Amazingly amazing internet sensation Michael Fitt bares all! He should be naked all the time!
Michael FittMichael FittMichael Fitt

32 thoughts on “[Models exposed] Michael Fitt nude!

  1. ahh…I finally understand why he’s sooo popular…

    never got the appeal…until I saw what’s lurking in his pants…

  2. Just like others I have been waiting to see him naked for a while and I have to say that I'm not disappointed now that the time has finally come. He is so FINE!

  3. Actually, these vid caps are NOT from his masturbation video. In this video he gets naked and hard, but does not jack-off or cum. You gotta pay a bigger premium to see that I guess.

  4. Christian Fitt isn't as hot as his brother… he's leaner, maybe a bit taller, but his face doesn't do it for me. They're both seriously packin' though, the Fitt's have some good genes ;).

  5. These pics are from the first and only (so far) nude video of Michael Fitt. He has never released a video jerking his cock and cumming.

  6. THe latest video on sale on his web already and this is the hottest naked hard scene ever for him.I really want to see this anyone can share.

  7. The SECOND Michael Fitt DVD is hotter than this one. He is naked in most of the second one. It’s very hot. He is hard a lot of the time.

    Still, there is no cum shot. I feel the DVD was worth the high price, but I DO want to see him cum eventually. He’s the hottest guy out there.

  8. Guy’s a slacker – keeps suckering all you goobs in for your cash and he gives nothing in return. One day that body is gonna give and he’s going to turn 30 and he’ll have to get a real job. Sad indeed

  9. I agree with Joey. He may be sexy as hell but this creepy kid is a registered sex offender. I’m guessing he couldn’t get a job anywhere else… So sad )=

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