[Celebrities Exposed] Jamie Foxx

jamie foxx naked nude in bathroom leak
Celebrities will never learn.. Carrying nude pictures in your mobile phone or sending them to strangers will end up as “leak scandal”. Many sources say this hunky man on the pictures is 41-year-old Academy award winner Jamie Foxx. … or B-b-b-blame it on the alcohol?

Credits: mediatakeout.com

11 thoughts on “[Celebrities Exposed] Jamie Foxx

  1. why are these dumb ass people saying they dont think its him, when it looks just like him, and his lawyers said it's him. quit being so fucking jealous, and he didnt take the damn pic with a phone, do u see a damn phon in his hand. and he didnt not send it to a fucking stranger, they stole it from his house while doing construction for him.

  2. Nobody seems to mind if someone is nude if they take care of their body. He looks fantastic for any age. If men and women worked out and ate right, then nudity in this country would probably be a lot more acceptable. It's being overweight and out of shape that makes people dislike nudity. When a person wears a thong on the beach, and it looks completely right, noboy makes fun of it no matter if it's a man or a woman.

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