[Then & Now] Rod Daily

Well, Rod Daily is a hunk, no doubts, but not everyone is fan of his Tattoos. So, how would he look without them?
How do You like Rod more? With or without Tattoos?
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32 thoughts on “[Then & Now] Rod Daily

  1. Not a fan of ink. Mainly folks don’t know when enough is enough and they cross the line from hot to circus side show. Give me an un-adulterated (by ink) body any time.

  2. Subtle, tastefull tatoos are fine, but these are trashy and overpowering. Such a beautiful, finely honed body wrecked by those huge, unartfull tats. Reminds me of how Michael Churchill ruined his nearly perfect body with his tatoos. Such a pity.

  3. Without the tats. Guys don’t seem to mind ruining the great artwork that is their beautiful bodies with those things. One or two tasteful ones don’t bother me but blue stars make you look more like a He-Man reject figure.

  4. he looks better without, but his beautiful muscular body can have one or two. I like the one on his right flank though, but his pecs are hotter without the stars…;)

  5. Definitely with out,The stud has a HOT bod,He should remove them, would be HOT to watch Rod in a black gang bang. Set it up Chi Chi!

  6. You are so amazingly hot i wish i had the chance to do something with you. i love the tats i hate tats but you just look so good

  7. With tats, without either way he is smoking hot!! I want to know what the tattoo on his lower back says? Ive tried reading it but cant make it out.

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