[Videoclips] Adam Coussins aka David Jones

Wow! Look who just appeared at Men at Play as David Jones! Male model – turned porn star Adam Coussins aka EnglishLad’s Jon Saunders.

(click here on the Play image)

16 thoughts on “[Videoclips] Adam Coussins aka David Jones

  1. adam coussins you’re hot!!! (i am a girl) he is so sexy!!! all the weird dudes who posted weird stuff… u dudes are weird ha ha! lol!

  2. u guys are nasty n gay people he dont want ur gay asses n how u say that sexy its not. people that say u love he dont know u he dont love u he dont even know u exsist be real

  3. I’m a guy and I wouls fuck his brains out I don’t think his size matters because he is so sexy ps. All of you guys that are saying you sucked his dick I highly dought that untill I have proof

  4. he needs to drop the “I’m straight” routine and start fucking some guys and then let them fuck him. He’s appeared on several sites under different aliases, but always does the same thing. His cock is really nice and I love his body fur. I’d definitely let him fuck me as many times as he wants

  5. He is Soooo hot!! I want to lick him all over! I want to suck his beautiful cock and suck on his furry nipples untill he cums EVERYWHERE! ;)

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